Video of ex-head of Serpukhov district Shestun's house published

The video shows a large fenced plot, on the territory of which there is a brick mansion and outbuildings. The house belongs to a former head of the Serpukhov district, who is believed to possess 565 land plots and 22 cars.

The video, made with a helicopter and published by the Investigation Committee, shows a brick two-storey mansion with a basement and an attic, which is located in a large enclosed area with a pine forest. On the plot, there are other buildings, for example, a garage. The living room is made in bright colors, there is a large leather sofa, a decorated Christmas tree is seen through the window. Also, investigators showed some other rooms in which Shestun lives with his family, in particular, a large dressing room, full of clothes, and a gym with exercise equipment.

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