Zarubin’s smuggling gang sent home to read case files

Zarubin’s smuggling gang sent home to read case files
Dmitry Zarubin

The defense hopes that the decision by the Moscow City Court may become a part of the judicial practice.

The Moscow City Court has released five defendants of the criminal case about the criminal community led by Dmitry Zarubin, a St. Petersburg businessman, who smuggled clothes. As reported by Kommersant, the Investigative Committee had insisted on longer custody for all the defendants, since the accused might abscond from justice or affect the course of the investigation. The ICR argued that there was quite a bunch of files the accused had to read, more than 200 volumes.

According to Zarubin’s lawyer, Yevgeny Tonkov, all those arrested waived their right to read the case files, hoping it would be passed to court sooner. However, the prosecution forces the accused to listen while the volumes are being read aloud to them. According to Tonkov, this was the method the court disapproved.

Eventually, the Moscow City Court decided to extend the custody for Dmitry Zarubin and four other defendants with the most significant role in the crimes, according to the investigation, until October 25. The remaining five defendants, including three women, will be under house arrest.

According to the court, the investigation into the case is completed, which means that the accused can read the files at home. The defense believes that the extraordinary decision of the Moscow City Court may enter into judicial practice. The lawyers, accompanied by a bailiff, took them to the station and bought tickets to St. Petersburg. Upon arrival, the group of suspects was met by the local Federal Bailiff Service and taken to apartments wearing electronic bracelets.

We shall remind that the investigation into this criminal case had been completed in February 2017. Between November 2014 and September 2015, clothes were imported to Perspektiva LLC and Kontinent LLC declared as cheap building materials. According to the investigation, Perspektiva underpaid 137 million rubles ($2.3m) for the imported goods, and Kontinent underpaid 511 million rubles ($8.6m). The investigation revealed that there was a criminal group of smugglers behind the fraud, led by Dmitry Zarubin, who owned a Cartier boutique. The Petersburg businessman is accused of Creation and Leading a Criminal Community (Article 210) and Evasion of Customs Payments (Article 194).



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