US tries Russian developer from Eagle Dynamics for smuggling F-16 instructions

US tries Russian developer from Eagle Dynamics for smuggling F-16 instructions
Oleg Tishchenko

Eagle Dynamics states that the company was not involved in the actions of the employee. Previously, it recognized the interest in instructions from the United States.

The 42-year-old developer of flight simulators from Moscow, Oleg Tishchenko, who was deported by the Georgian authorities in the United States, is accused of purchasing instructions for pilots and manuals for the American F-16 Fighting Falcon fighter, as well as an attempt to resell such instructions, Meduza writes.

The publication contacted Tishchenko's former colleagues, who called him an “airplane geek” and said that since 2004 he had been working as a developer at Eagle Dynamics, which produces computer flight simulators for military aircraft. Colleagues said that he always bought service instructions for various planes via the Internet and spent all the free money on it.

In 2011, Tishchenko bought instructions for an American F-16 fighter on eBay. Before that, he studied the forum for fans of the Digital Combat Simulator game of his company who want to send him documents from the United States; the seller turned out to be 60-year-old Kenneth Edward Sullivan from Texas. In 2016, a criminal case was opened against a Russian in the United States; the indictment was drawn up in absentia in five counts - he was accused of conspiring against the United States, an attempt to smuggle and a violation of the legislation on the control of arms exports.

In March 2016, a special agent of the United States Department of Homeland Security contacted the Russian at the forum and offered instructions for A-10, F-35, and F-22 jets. The prosecution also stated that Tishchenko resold documents.

At the beginning of this year, the developer was detained in Georgia, where he came to the salsa festival and was soon released in the USA. In March, Tishchenko was officially charged; he denies guilt. The District Court in Salt Lake City will consider his case on August 19; US resident Sullivan's charges were dropped as part of an agreement with the court.



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