Sister of cocaine case defendant Kovalchuk smuggled 'diplomatic stuff' from EU to Russia

Sister of cocaine case defendant Kovalchuk smuggled 'diplomatic stuff' from EU to Russia
According to open data, the office of Irgotrade GmbH is located in this house on the Schonwalder Strasse in Berlin

According to the media, the company's cargo was arrested and seized twice.

Cocaine case defendant Andrey Kovalchuk’s sister Irina Kuzmenko is the owner of Irgotrade GmbH, a company registered in Germany, which employees nailed in the smuggling of goods from the EU to Russia twice. Real Time reports with reference to sources.

The cargo was detained and seized at least twice - in 2011 in Latvia and 2012 in the Pskov region, the interlocutors of the edition state. It is noteworthy that they were registered as diplomatic ones.

The sources specified that the new equipment, jewelry, including 216 kilograms of silver, medicines, spare parts for motorcycles and other things, which, in the opinion of customs officers, could not be called the personal property of diplomats, were confiscated. Two cases were initiated on the fact of cargo’s detention in the Pskov region - evasion from payment of customs duties and exceeding of official powers.

The first one was terminated, employee of the FCS Elena Fomina became the defendant of the second case. As a result, the court fined her by 30 thousand rubles ($450). She missed cars with diplomatic cargo and even ordered not to detain them at other points, but the vehicles were searched by FSB officers.

Recall that Germany extradited Andrey Kovalchuk at the request of Russia.

The investigation believes that he organized the supply of cocaine from Argentina to Russia. In particular, the consignment of drugs weighing 400 kilograms was detained.



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