Sakhalin’s crab meat king Oleg Kan’s house searched. Businessman escapes 

Sakhalin’s crab meat king Oleg Kan’s house searched. Businessman escapes
Oleg Kan

Operative actions are also being carried out in the houses of those from his entourage.

Law enforcement officers are carrying out searches in Sakhalin region in the seafood smuggling case, reports Russia 24 TV-channel.

According to the media, the law enforcement officers have visited a house of a so-called ‘crab meat king’ of Sakhalin Oleg Kan and those from his entourage.

Russia 24 TV-channel had earlier broadcasted an investigation movie about an illegal capture of Kamchatka crab in the Sea of Okhotsk and its subsequent disposal overseas. According to the movie’s directors, the illegal business was run by an entrepreneur Oleg Kan. He made millions on selling seafood to South Korea and Japan.

Media relations officer of the Federal Security Service Directorate of the Russian Federation in Sakhalin region Anastasia Ermolova says the Directorate has information about the illegal fishing that had been carried out by an organized group of persons in the Far East since early 2000. The group, according to the Directorate, deals with an illegal Kamchatka crab smuggling.

Vesti reports Oleg Kan left the country, soon after the movie was broadcasted. The TV-channel obtained a Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk airport’s CCTV video showing a man who resembles Kan clearing customs before the flight. According to some reports, Russia’s crab king left the country for Japan in his own private plane.

By the way, this is not the first time when Kan is brought to the center of law enforcement’s attention. In 2010, he was convicted in the criminal case related to organizing the murder of a businessman Valery Pkhidenko. Man who had been an accessory to the crime was sentenced to 8 years behind bars. However, the criminal prosecution against Kan was suspended. 



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