Russian FSB nabs arms supply from EU  

Russian FSB nabs arms supply from EU
Photo: REN TV

Police seized nearly 400 firearms of Russian and foreign making, including 25 machine guns, 30 rifles, 70 submachine guns, a hundred carbines, shotguns and rifles, 158 pistols and revolvers, and a mortar.

The Federal Security Service has detained a group of people from Moscow, St. Petersburg and Yaroslavl for illegal supply of firearms from the EU countries to Russia, Interfax reported citing the Public Relations Center of the service. During the operation, several hundred small arms, ammunition, grenades and a mortar were confiscated.

The operation was conducted by FSB officers in cooperation with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Rosgvardiya. They seized 25 machine-guns, 30 assault rifles, 70 submachine guns, about a hundred carbines, shotguns, and rifles, as well as 158 pistols and revolvers.

The operatives also seized two anti-tank guns, a 45 calibre mortars, a AGS-17 machine-automatic grenade launcher, 15 hand grenades, more than 4.500 rounds of ammunition of various calibres, an improvised explosive device, silencers for small arms and accessories to it.

Two clandestine workshops for the manufacture and conversion of ammunition have reportedly been shut down.

Video: FSB shows weaponry seized from criminal group involved in EU to Russia arms supply 



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