Mobsters scam customhouse out of $11 million

Mobsters scam customhouse out of $11 million

18 members of the criminal group carried goods through customs using false documents to save on taxes.

The ICR has completed the investigation into the criminal case against 18 defendants accused of evading payment of customs duties of half a billion rubles ($8.6m). All of them are accused of Creation of a Criminal Community (parts 1 and 2 of Art. 210 of the Criminal Code) and Evasion of Customs Payments Collected from Organizations  (part 4 of Art. 194 of the Criminal Code).

According to the investigation, Zarubin created the criminal community in 2014. The gang registered and attracted companies dealing in wholesale trade, providing transportation services and so on. Then the mobsters brought a variety of goods from Finland to St. Petersburg: electronics and commodities. But the documents the criminals showed at customs featured a different type of goods, with a lower tax: granite rubble, unreinforced concrete products that are referred to as a "cover item".

Then the mobsters would put the car with the cargo in the internal warehouse of the “overload" section located between the border and the customs. There, they would replace their goods with the cargo stated in the papers, put counterfeit seals on the car and go to customs. The initial goods in the meantime were loaded onto another car and transported to Moscow, but already under the internal transportation papers. The "cover item" was then returned to the warehouse to be used again later.

This way the criminal enterprise failed to pay 640 million rubles ($11m) in tax at the customs. The property of the accused was arrested, including real estate, vehicles, a collection of watches and other things. The criminal case was filed with the prosecutor's office and is awaiting the indictment confirmation.



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