Mikhalchenko's case: testimony came out that might affect his personal life

Mikhalchenko's case: testimony came out that might affect his personal life
Dmitry Mikhalchenko

The lawyer of St. Petersburg businessman asked the court to held a hearing behind closed doors. The Basmanny Court agreed with his arguments and did not allow the press and the audience into the room. However, the arrest of Mikhalchenko is extended for another three months.

The Moscow Basmanny Court extended the arrest of St. Petersburg businessman Dmitry Mikhalchenko, who is accused of smuggling of elite alcohol, by three months, TASS reports. The announcement of the court's decision stated that Mikhalchenko, who is accused under part 3 of Art. 200.2 of the Criminal Code (Smuggling of Alcoholic Products through customs border committed by an organized group), will remain in custody until 29 March.

The accused upon the same case general director of LLC Kontreyl Logistics Northwest Anatoly Kindzersky left under arrest for the same period, the court said.

It is worth noting that at the request of the lawyer the court hold the hearing behind closed doors. This is due to the fact that in the case there is new evidence that could affect the privacy of the defendant, said the representative of the protection.

Earlier, the Moscow Basmanny Court extended the arrest to persons involved in the case of smuggling until 29 December. According to investigators, Mikhalchenko is the organizer of expensive wines and other premium beverages' smuggling. According to investigators, in 2015, products, bought in EU shops, were prepared for illegal transportation in Hamburg's port and then were delivered to Russia in the container under the guise of sealer cement.



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