Lawyer of arrested Penitentiary Service deputy head: "My client collected fake watches"

Lawyer of arrested Penitentiary Service deputy head: "My client collected fake watches"
Oleg Korshunov

Lawyer of arrested Deputy Head of the Federal Penitentiary Service Oleg Korshunov said there were many fake and cheap copies in his client's collection of luxurious watches.

There are no expensive items in the collection of watches of Oleg Korshunov, accused of embezzling 160 million rubles ($2.7 million), his lawyer Aleksandr Linnikov said.

"The information, according to which a set of ordinary watches turned into an elite 'collection', is fabrication," the lawyer said. According to him, Korshunov does have many wristwatches – some he bought himself, some he got as presents – but there are no expensive copies among them. Linnikov also pointed out that some of those are replicas and fakes. "Take a look at the forums dedicated to watches; people laugh at the picture, which shows the 'luxury' watches," Linnikov said.

The lawyer also added that his client was not detained on a private yacht, as the press reported. "He sold his boat in the summer, and was detained on his friends' yacht, so any attempt to leave Russia is out of question," Aleksandr Linnikov noted.

At the same time, he particularly emphasized the fact that the large sum of money found in Oleg Korshunov's house during the search was payment for the sold boat. According to him, his client had indicated all his income from financial transactions in the tax return. The court has attached the document to the case file.

Last Thursday, September 14, the Basmanny District Court of Moscow ruled to arrest Oleg Korshunov.

According to investigative agencies, the deputy head of the Federal Penitentiary Service was the organizer of the supply of motor fuel and sugar for the department needs at prices that were deliberately overstated.

During the court session, the investigator noted that the criminal case was instituted on July 4 this year against head of one of the departments for Federal Penitentiary Service sustainment operations Aleksey Danilov; he was charged with Negligence.

After the investigators interrogated a number of officials, another criminal case was opened on September 12; it concerned two episodes of a crime. Korshunov was charged with a joint criminal case. The investigation believes that two subordinates of Korshunov have served as his accomplices.

Oleg Korshunov does not recognize the charges brought against him.

To recall, the CrimeRussia has previously reported that there was a series of internal checks in the Federal Penitentiary Service last summer, which revealed violations in the activities of a number of units headed by Deputy Head of the Federal Penitentiary Service Oleg Korshunov. 

After that, the Federal Penitentiary Service's press service reported that in August this year, Head of the agency Gennady Kornienko had demanded that Korshunov be dismissed.



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