Fugitive Rosreestr ex-official vowed to return to Russia after arrest of FCS and FSB officers

Fugitive Rosreestr ex-official vowed to return to Russia after arrest of FCS and FSB officers
Boris Avakyan Photo: Alexander Koryakov / Kommersant

Boris Avakyan is waiting for the prosecution of two initiators of his case - FSB and FCS employees. In his opinion, they are involved in smuggling schemes.

The former St. Petersburg official of Rosreestr Department Boris Avakyan, who is accused of smuggling and recently fled abroad from house arrest, has vowed to return to Russia, reported RBC. He will return only on the condition that to the prosecution and the court it will undergo the operative of the Main Directorate for Combating Smuggling (CABC) of the FCS of Russia Pavel Smolyarchuk and the Head of the 7th Division of the Directorate K SEB FSB Vadim Uvarov. The ex-official of Rosreestr testified against them in the late 2015 - early 2016. He argued that Smolyarchuk and Uvarov involved in smuggling schemes. Currently, the Customs officer takes a suspect in the case, but the security officer does not involved in the investigation. According to Avakyan, the FSB is now conducting the internal examination against Uvarov. Recall that the ex-official said that the case against him was fabricated.

Avakyan’s testimony is contained in the criminal case of smuggling by an international company. According to investigators, the company entered into ULS Global deliveries with non-existent companies. From transit declarations for imported goods in Russia it was followed that supplies amount amounted to 24 million dollars. From the materials of the criminal case against Avakyan it follows that reports on possible violations of law by the former Rosreestr official were filed in the Interior Ministry and the Federal Customs Service by Smolyarchuk.

Recall that Avakyan was detained in Moscow on July 28 by the Directorate K of the SEB FSB. The next day, he was placed under house arrest. Avakyan is charged under Evasion of Customs Payments Collected from Organizations or Natural Person (Art. 194 of the Russian Criminal Code). According to investigation, the former official is a member of smugglers group, which has been importing clothes and electronics under the guise of cheap construction materials to the Russian Federation. Damage from these activities is estimated to be over 800 million rubles. However, the amount may be increased to 4 billion rubles.

Previously, the CrimeRussia reported that Avakyan escaped from house arrest. He had not an electronic bracelet, because at the time of the selection of a preventive measure in the local department of the FSIN there was no free bracelet. According to some reports, the ex-officer fled to Armenia. The suspect stated that he was forced to leave Russia, because he fears of illegal prosecution and imprisonment in the pre-trial detention center, where his life and health will be in danger.



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