Former FSB detective jailed for 5 yrs for stealing $100.000 worth of diamonds

Former FSB detective jailed for 5 yrs for stealing $100.000 worth of diamonds
Dmitry Schukin and an accomplice sold the diamonds at half price

The officer stole the precious stones from an office safe, where the diamonds had been put as material evidence of a smuggling case.

The Moscow Garrison Military Court found former FSB investigator Dmitry Shchukin guilty of stealing diamonds from an office safe, Rosbalt reported.

The court established that in 2014 Shchukin was running a case against an organized criminal group engaged in the smuggling of precious stones. The investigators seized 133 natural diamonds with a total weight of 160.79 carats and worth over $100.000. The jewelry had been put into an office safe and detective Schukin had direct access to it. The FSB officer took the diamonds to sell them later. To do this, he replaced the precious stones with industrial diamonds worth only 70 thousand rubles ($1200). This kind of raw materials could never be used to make jewelry due to its poor quality. To sell the jewelry, Shchukin involved his friend Anton Kuporov, who worked for Aeroflot. He took the diamonds to Yerevan, where he sold them for only $50.000, while the real price of the stones is twice as high.

Shchukin and Kuporov gave a full confession at the hearings. The ex-detective was convicted under Art. 160 of the Criminal Code (Embezzlement) and Art. 226.1 (Smuggling of Strategic Commodities and Resources). He was sentenced to 5 years in a jail. Kuporov was convicted only under Art. 226.1 and sentenced to a 2-year imprisonment. The verdicts have already entered into force.



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