Far Eastern customs officers rat out Moscow colleague

Far Eastern customs officers rat out Moscow colleague

Customs case has reached Moscow.

Georgy Balakin, the deputy chief of the customs control department of the Federal Customs Service, was house arrested the day before. The official is suspected of receiving a bribe of 500 thousand dollars. The arrest may be connected with a loud case of smuggling committed by the Far Eastern customs service.

The Basmanny Court of the capital granted the petition of the investigators to place deputy head of the customs control department of the Federal Customs Service Georgy Balakin under house arrest until August 18. He is suspected of taking a bribe of 500 thousand dollars. The crime is classified as the grave, and the defendants of such criminal cases are usually placed into the pre-trial detention center. Exceptions are made only for those who are seriously ill, as well as for those who agreed to cooperate with the investigation. According to some information, Balakin made a plea deal. The investigators, as well as customs officials, are still refusing to comment on the criminal case.

It is known that Balakin worked in another position, at the FCS analytical department. However, at some point, his powers expanded. In particular, he received the right to conduct an analysis of all customs transactions and their suspension.

According to Kommersant, the arrest of Balakin can be related to the criminal case of a criminal community of smugglers in Primorye.

Last year it became known that containers with expensive fur products under the guise of construction materials were imported to the seaport. This year, the investigators detained the alleged organizer of the gang - Primorye businessman Rodion Tikhonov. According to journalists, after the detention of the entrepreneur went into a plea deal, the arrests swept the customs administration.

The first arrestee was deputy head of the Sea Port of Vladivostok Evgeny Romanchenko, who gave a confession. A month later First Deputy Head of the regional administration Sergey Fyodorov was detained. The Customs General immediately cooperated, which could result in the arrest of his Moscow colleague. The publication notes that, according to the investigation, the customs department will meet other arrests soon.



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