Case of Anatoly Kindzersky transferred to court. Oligarch Mikhalchenko is next

Case of Anatoly Kindzersky transferred to court. Oligarch Mikhalchenko is next
Anatoly Kindzersky

The consideration of the case in a special order will begin in the coming days, our sources say.

As reported by our sources, the case of Anatoly Kindzersky on charges of smuggling elite alcohol is separated from criminal case of oligarch Mikhalchenko and has already been submitted to the Kingiseppsky City Court of the Leningrad region. But this information is not available on the court's website, and the exact date of the meeting is not yet known. According to our sources, the case will be examined in a special order in the coming days. Most likely, the court does not want the influx of representatives of the media, and therefore the date of the meeting is not disclosed.

It should be reminded that Anatoly Kindzersky, the head of the company Contrail-Logistic, gave admissions in the case of Dmitry Mikhalchenko, and together with the general director of the Southeast Trade Company, Ilya Pichko, went on a deal with the investigation. In this regard, the meeting will be formal in nature - the judge will read only the introductory part of the verdict and appoint a term of punishment. However, the testimony given to will be used as evidence in the case on charges of both Mikhalchenko himself and his deputy Boris Korevsky.

We add that received during the interrogation this kind of confessions are not subject to review and challenge in other processes. Sources do not exclude that at the meeting the judge will announce the termination of the criminal prosecution of Anatoly Kindzersky. The law provides for such a development of events for the active assisting of the disclosure or investigation of a crime. Recall that previously the businessman after giving evidence was released under house arrest.


Dmitry Mikhalchenko and three businessmen - Anatoly Kindzersky, Boris Korevsky and Ilya Pichko were detained by the employees of the ICR and the FSB in March last year, and then arrested by the Basmanny Court on the petition of the investigation. They are charged under Art. 200.2 of the Criminal Code. According to the case materials, Dmitry Mikhalchenko was the organizer of the smuggling of elite alcohol. In early June 2017, the ICR completed the investigation of the case. To all the defendants who testified, the preventive measure was changed. Only the oligarch and his deputy, Boris Koryevsky, remain in custody; they deny their guilt. Now they together with their defenders are getting acquainted with the materials of the criminal case.



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