Cabo Verde court arrests Russian ship crew carrying almost 10 tons of cocaine 

Cabo Verde court arrests Russian ship crew carrying almost 10 tons of cocaine
Sacks of cocaine

Previously, 11 Russian sailors were detained.

The court has placed in custody Russian sailors detained in the Port of Praia, Cabo Verde.

As the Russian Embassy in Cabo Verde told TASS, investigative actions are currently being held, after which a formal charge will be pressed. For now, there have been no formal charges on the part of Cabo Verde authorities brought against the sailors.

At the moment, 11 Russian sailors are in the prison of Saint-Martins, located within the city of Praia. They have been provided with legal assistance and support of an interpreter for the period of all investigative and judicial actions.


Detained ship

To recall, 9.5 tons of cocaine were found on a ship that arrived in West Africa on January 31. The ESER ship under the control of Russian sailors was heading from Panama to the Moroccan city of Tangier. It had to make a forced stop in Praia due to the death of one of the sailors.

Local police had had a tip-off about a specific cargo. When the ship docked, they got aboard, where they immediately found 260 bags of narcotics with a total cost exceeding $1.5 billion. According to Reuters, the seized cocaine consignment is the largest in the history of the African state.

If the Russians are found guilty, they will face a long prison sentence.



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