Buryatia: Mongolian motormen detained smuggling large batch of ammunition 

Buryatia: Mongolian motormen detained smuggling large batch of ammunition

Their accomplices threw 37.5 thousand cartridges in 4 backpacks into a locomotive not far from the border.

Employees of the Federal Customs Service and the FSB border service detained smugglers on the Russian-Mongolian border in Buryatia on May 4.

According to the press service of the Siberian FCS Customs Administration, the suspects tried to smuggle 37.5 thousand rounds of ammunition for a 22-caliber rifled sporting weapon of circular ignition 'Standard' on a freight train of the Mongolian railway formation.

It is reported that the train was checked by customs officers at the checkpoint in Naushki, revelaing nothing illegal. However, the operatives were aware about the upcoming attempt to smuggle ammunition. Smugglers threw it into the locomotive in 4 backpacks when the train slowed down at a switch.

The train slowed down when approaching the border, and the offenders threw their backpacks to the locomotive on the move. Motormen accepted the goods and began to gain speed, but the train was stopped on the border and cordoned off by border guard officers. Two offenders tried to escape, but were detained.

The Federal Customs Service representatives stressed that the intercepted contraband shipment of ammunition has been the largest one in recent years. During the operation, 750 cartons with cartridges were seized.

A criminal case has been initiated against the citizens of Mongolia for «Illegal movement of ammunition across the border of the Customs Union within the framework of the Eurasian Economic Community.» Now they face imprisonment for 3-7 years and a fine of up to 1 million rubles.

Video: 37,500 cartridges seized at Naushki railway checkpoint of the Buryatian customs



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