Billionaire Dmitry Mikhalchenko was detained in Moscow on the case connected with smuggling of premium wines and cognacs made in 1912 

Billionaire Dmitry Mikhalchenko was detained in Moscow on the case connected with smuggling of premium wines and cognacs made in 1912
Dmitriy Mikhalchenko

Reportedly, active property redistribution is starting in his business-empire.

According to media, well-known Saint-Petersburg businessman, head and owner of the Forum holding, billionaire Dmitry Mikhalchenko was detained by the Federal Security Service of Russia officers in Moscow. His cellphones are blocked and the only known thing is that he is going to spend two days in pretrial detention center and will be incriminated in the art. 200.2 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation the “Smuggling of alcoholic beverages”.

His arrest is connected with searches, which were held on the 29th of March in Saint-Petersburg office of the company, – economic cargo-carrying operator ContRail Logistic Severo-Zapad. But before the Grad special operation force entered the third floor of the Senator business center, where the office is located, it neutralized head of the security service of Forum holding Boris Korevskiy. Retired colonel of police, ex-deputy head of the Economic Safety Administration of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Boris Korevskiy  is a well-known person among actual Saint Petersburg power structures members, he is also a highly influential person, even out of the city borders. An official of the Federal Security Service came to him in a café on Kamennoostrovskiy Avenue and asked to relocate to a cabinet in the Forum business center for an important talk, but then special forces operatives took him away for an examination.

Only after that co-owner of ContRail Logistic Severo-Zapad Valeriy Kindzerskiy, SEO of South-West Trading Company Ilya Pichko and, finally, Dmitry Mikhalchenko were detained.

Усть-Лужский контейнерный терминал.JPG

According to preliminary version, contraband goods were found at a Ust-Luga containers terminal, which is operated by ContRail Logistic Severo-Zapad, - 134 containers with gourmet meat, declared under the guise of potato crisps and 2 unregistered containers with exclusive cognac made in 1912. Rummages were held on a motor pool in Petergof as well, where boxes with premium wine were found. Formally, the Forum holdingis not connected neither with ContRail Logistic Severo-Zapad, nor with Ust-Luga containers terminal, but, according to investigators, all of these contraband items were intended for restaurant group Forum, which includes, for instance, lounge restaurant Buddha-Bar St.Petersburg, and belong to Mikhalchenko.

Even before that, media had spread information about detention of Dmitry Mikhalchenko, deputy minister Grigoriy Pirumov and other officials and businessmen by the Federal Security Service officers within the frameworks of the case connected with embezzlement of public funds, which had been destined for architectural monuments restoration by the Ministry for Culture. However, the fact of Mikhalchenko’s arrest was not true to life, in spite of checks handled in the Forum business center. The fact is that the BaltStroy company, which restored various historical monuments by the Ministry for Culture’s order, really belongs to the holding and to the billionaire as well.

He also possesses a tread manufacture named after Kirov, a downhole equipment factory Izmeron, development company Stimul SKT and lots of other profitable organizations and enterprises. Reportedly, his property redistribution is the main aim of all these searches and retentions.

Within the confines of the criminal case connected with embezzlements from the Ministry of Culture investigation, many Russian media services published information about business connections between Dmitry Mikhalchenko and high-powered law enforcement official, Head of the FSO Evgeniy Murov. The probability of economical conflict between the Federal Security Service and the Federal Guard Service was also mentioned.

It is clear that such person as billionaire Mikhalchenko cannot be arrested without any sanctions accepted by director of the Federal Security Service Alexander Bortnikov. Although, it may be considered as a philosophical sign that alcoholic beverages smuggling and embezzlements from restorations are just a trigger. The case of the detained "First businessman of 2015" is much more serious.

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