Billionaire Dmitry Mihalchenko's accomplice offers testimony

Billionaire Dmitry Mihalchenko's accomplice offers testimony

Also accused of alcohol smuggling together with the St. Petersburg businessman Dmitry Mihalchenko, co-owner of the Contrail Logistic North-West Company  Anatoly Kindzersky has struck a plea bargain, says Kommersant.

A pre-trial agreement provides for cooperation with the Prosecutor General’s Office, the results of which, according to the press, have already reached.

According to unofficial information, Kindzersky pleaded guilty and gave the first testimony against possible accomplices. In particular, he named as the organizer of the criminal scheme Boris Korevsky who was arrested together with other businessmen involved in this case. Korevskiy is an formal Deputy to Head of

Administration for Economic Security of the General Administration of Internal Affairs of the Leningrad Region, who recently served as the Head of security of Forum Holding Company.

Kindzersky said that in March 2016 he handed his partner in crime forty thousand dollars, which were intended for ransom for a large consignment of fine alcoholic goods detained by customs.

Kindzersky's lawyer Natalya Belousova refused to comment to journalists on this information, citing the Non-Disclosure Agreement. In his turn, Korevsky's representative, attorney Igor Reshetnikov, said he doesn't know anything about Kindzersky's plea bargain, but questioned the veracity of his testimony, saying that by slandering his accomplices, the accused Kindzersky is trying to avoid criminal punishment.

The Head of Forum Holding Company Dmitry Mihalchenko and also Boris Korevsky, Anatoly Kindzersky and Ilya Pichko, director of the South-East Trading Company, were arrested on 30 March. The investigators accused members of the criminal community of elite alcoholic beverage smuggling at a price per bottle of around 10-15 thousand rubles. Charges were brought against four businessmen under art. 200.2 para. 3 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. At first Mihalchenko and Korevsky refused to testify against themselves, but two months later Mihalchenko expressed willingness to cooperate with the investigation.

However, Mihalchenko denies his guilt categorically, saying that he was not even familiar with the other defendants in the case, except for Korevsky.



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