“Big reshuffle” in FSB causes searches of Belyaninov  

“Big reshuffle” in FSB causes searches of Belyaninov

"Curiouser and curiouser": the untouchables circle narrows every day.

The ordinary citizens had hardly recovered from arrests of leaders of the Investigative Committee before another stunning news emerged. The FSB came to the Federal Customs Service with searches. Moreover, the chekists looked even in the office and the home of the Head of the Department Andrey Belyaninov, who himself, in the past, worked for the KGB. In the parlance of our source close to the Kremlin: "Every day it becomes more curiouser and curiouser."

And the reason for all these miracles, according to our sources, is the drastic changes in the FSB, which occurred in July and to which few people paid attention.

How are all of the latest arrests and searches and "three main characters of the Russian alphabet" (that is how FSB is called these days) linked?

The first reports about searches in the FCS appeared in the morning on 26th of July. But the Service immediately denied this. The Head of PR of the FCS Ivan Sautin said:

- All quiet here and Belyaninov is on vacation.

Soon, there was no meaning in hiding what was happening. A new version emerged, according to which, it was not a search but seizure of documents for some high-profile criminal case, and it took place not in Belyaninov’s office, but in the secretariat of the FCS.

- The Customs Service, will comment on the searches or seizures of documents in the central apparatus of the FCS, said Sautin.

- They can call it what they want, said our source in the security services. - The operation was conducted by the decision of the FSB executives within the investigation of cases of smuggling, including smuggling of alcohol, with which the "the non-stop Governor of St. Petersburg" billionaire Mikhalchenko is charged (he was arrested in the spring, now, he is in the Lefortovo). Simultaneously, the searches were held at the FSC former Head’s Advisor and the Head of Arsenal Group Sergey Lobanov.

We failed to contact Belyaninov, but it is rumored that he is very annoyed with the bad news. In the past, the actor (remember "the boy Yura, Yura Bondarenko" in the Eugene Karelov film "Children of Don Quixote"), intelligence officer (he was an employee of the embassies in a number of countries, including East Germany, where he met with Vladimir Putin), he thought he was invulnerable for the law enforcement officers.

Three years ago, he was already been visited with the searches, but the visitors found nothing, and then he called it an "unauthorized home invasion due to the low qualification of the law enforcement officers."

Will Belianinov’s high level connections save him this time? There was a talk in the upper crust that the "circle of the untouchables", against whom nothing can be held by definition, is shrinking by the day. In the spring the connections did not save the businessman Mikhalchenko. It is to be recalled that he was caught with illicit liquor in the amount of 1.6 million. Now, the law enforcement officers have information that the FCS officials could have a hand in this illicit trafficking (and not only of liquor, but also other products, in particular meat products).

That said, why now? Why the arrests and searches in recent days take place one after another?

And now, it is worth paying attention to what happened in the FSB, or more precisely in one of its main divisions: Economic Security Service (SEB). By the way, at one time it was headed by the current Head of the FSB Alexander Bortnikov.

Александр Бортников

So, in July, the Head of SEB Yuri Yakovlev retired. Moreover, the Head of the Directorate K of the SEB Viktor Voronin, who was a member of sanctions Magnitsky list (he was investigating the case of the deceased lawyer), was fired. It is to these two generals the FSB officers had the most questions.

- I’d like to explain it the easiest way possible ... There are a lot of structures in the FSB which not only control each other, but fight among themselves and gather compromising material, says our source. - On Yakovlev and Voronin, they had a lot of it. Their colleagues no longer trust them. They themselves have recently almost lost control over the situation. Nonetheless, the SEB is responsible for the credit and financial sphere, the fight against smuggling and so on. All these areas were demonstrating downfalls.

For example, everyone’s well aware that a large amount of supplied liquor is counterfeit but there was no sign of arrests. Or everyone was guessing that the lion's share of clothing, footwear, household appliances from China have been shipped illegally. And again, there were no arrests. But the topic smuggling was discussed in the State Duma and the Government more than once in recent years. They were talking about the huge amounts of money (trillions), which the budget was losing. 

And so, in July, Sergey Korolev was placed as the Head of the SEB. The Directorate K Head position is still vacant, but in the coming days his name will be known. In addition, it is expected that the FSB Internal Security Directorate will also get the new Head (earlier it was Korolev).

- That's when everything will finally fall into place, said our source. - In the meantime, we can say that the appointment of Korolev inspired everyone. He is a honest to god and clean person who was not affected by the professional burnout. He always opposed flirting with the underworld, as a result of which the law enforcers themselves become criminals. Hence, the arrests in the Investigative Committee took place. One may say that the ICR cleans itself, but in fact the entire operation was carried out by the FSB.


- The classical style interior, as they like it in Russia, says the Moscow designer Iskandar Kadyrov. - A luxury English Cabinet, made to order, differentiates from all the other interior elements. But that’s the only thing that is stylish. The rest is just expensive and tasteless. According to the principle "the main thing is convenience." Most likely, he did not consult the designers to select the furniture, it was done by his spouse. The total cost is about $ 35 million, not more. Only one white piano is worth 50-70 thousand euros. But I’m even afraid to evaluate a large collection of old paintings. Only one painting by Aivazovsky (and apparently there is one there, although I could be wrong) costs up to $ 1 million.

Дом Бельянинова


The Main Investigation Directorate of particularly important cases of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation continues the investigation of the criminal case initiated on the part 3 of Art. 200.2 of the Criminal Code on the fact of illegal movement of the of alcoholic products on a large scale across the Customs Union borders and non-payment of mandatory customs payments. Within a framework of the criminal case, the following individuals are charged: the CEO of the holding company Forum Dmitry Mihalchenko, the Deputy CEO of the holding company Forum Boris Korevskoy, the Deputy CEO of KontReyl Logistic Severo-Zapad Anatoly Kindzersky and the Director of Yugo-Vostochnaya Torgovaya Kompaniya (South-Eastern Trading Company) Ilya Pichko. As part of the investigation, the searches were carried out at the Federal Customs Service, including the offices of its Head Andrei Belyaninov, his Deputies Davydov and Strukov, as well as the place of residence of the FCS Head. In addition, the searches were carried out at the place of residence and work of the President of LLC Strakhovaya Kompaniya Arsenal (Arsenal Insurance Company) Sergei Lobanov, who is the founder of no less than 15 different companies activities of which are closely connected with the Russian Federal Customs Service.


According to Kartoteki.ru, the CEO of Strakhovaya Kompaniya Arsenal LLC is certain Anatoly Sandimirov. Arsenal, in turn, is the founder of JSCo Ediniy Tamozhenny Poruchitel (Joint Customs Guarantor) and Interlogistika LLC. These structures providing services to the participants of foreign economic activity have been established recently, in 2014. It is obvious that they are directly linked to the customs services. At the same time, Sergey Lobanov is the founder of the company Arsenal Capital which in turn was established by the Strakhovaya Kompaniya Arsenal.



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