Accused of smuggling ex-official Boris Avakyan seen in Austria

Accused of smuggling ex-official Boris Avakyan seen in Austria
Boris Avakyan

Earlier it was reported that escaped from house arrest Avakyan may be hiding in Armenia.

The petersburg businessman and Rosreestr former official Boris Avakyan will be announced an international arrest warrant. According to Fontanka, citing European border guards, he is in Austria. Russian law enforcement agencies are going to seek help from Interpol.

Recall that Avakyan was arrested in late July 2016 on charges of Evasion of Customs Duties (Art. 194 of the Criminal Code). According to the Investigation Department of the MOI of the North-West, the entrepreneur imported expensive electronics and clothing under the pretext of building materials. In addition, according to Fontanka, he can also be charged with organizing a criminal community. Now, the damage caused by his activities is estimated to be worth over 800 million rubles. However, the amount could grow to 4 billion rubles.

In September, Avakyan, put under house arrest, was gone. It has been suggested that he could flee to Armenia, where his mother lives. Thus, Avakyan wrote a letter to the investigator's name on important cases Oleg Martynov. In it he explained that he was forced to hide from the illegal persecution. And in the excitation of criminal case against him he accused former operatives of the Main Directorate for Combating Smuggling of the Russian FCS Pavel Smolyarchuk and the former Chief of the 7th Division of the Department K of the SEB FSB, supervising Customs service, Vadim Uvarov. Late last year, they themselves were detained on charges of corruption. Avakyan was witness in their case and former security officials were accused of involvement in the illegal customs clearance.



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