Who helps businessman Kupchin monopolize market of Moscow parking lots?

Who helps businessman Kupchin monopolize market of Moscow parking lots?
Alexander Kupchin

The raider seizures of parking lots take place under the auspices of the Moscow authorities.⁠

For 5 years Moscow parking lots are being captured by the structures of one person - businessman Alexander Kupchin. He is the owner of more than 30 companies working in the field of real estate. These companies have been receiving multimillion-ruble state contracts from Moscow FSUE without competition for several years that give them grounds for actually seizing parking lots.

The capture takes place in the classical sense of the word: with shootings, beatings, smoke bombs. The police are not reacting to all this, even if it happens 10 meters from the police unit. According to law enforcement officers, this is just a "dispute of economic entities."

Immediately after entering the territory, raiders unreasonably inflate prices for parking maintenance fees. With those who refuse to sign a treaty with the invaders, they act in different ways: threats, blocking access to the parking lot or exit from the parking lot. In other cases, employees of Kupchin's companies do not hesitate to burn cars and spoil other property located in the parking lot.

The most egregious in this story is the complete disregard for open violations of the law by both law enforcement agencies and the city authorities. During trials, the courts in most cases are on the side of the raiders. In this regard, we can draw an obvious conclusion about the powerful 'roof' of an entrepreneur in power structures.

The CrimeRussia made a large investigation of the activities of parking raiders. Who is Alexander Kupchin? Who are his friends and Moscow authorities? Who benefits from cooperation with the invaders? Answers to these and other questions, please, read in our tomorrow material.



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