Senator Franz Klintzevich —defamation victim or raider?

Senator Franz Klintzevich —defamation victim or raider?
Franz Klintsevich failed to defend his honor and dignity in court Photo: TASS

The first Deputy Chairman of the Defense and Security Committee of the Federation Council, the Head of the Russian Union of Afghan Veterans Franz Klintsevich failed to win his anti-defamation lawsuit. The official appealed to the court to declare that he had been slandered by the former comrades from the All-Russian public organization of invalids of war in Afghanistan "Invalidy voyny" (OOOIVA). However, the court found the organization’s actions lawful.

The reason for the trial was an appeal in October 2015 of the All-Russian public organization of invalids of war in Afghanistan Invalidy voyny (OOOIVA) to a State Duma Deputy and Secretary of the Moscow branch of United Russia Nikolay Gonchar. In a letter of the OOOIVA Chairman Andrei Chepurnoy, it was said that Klinzevich had been trying to title the organization’s property, namely Center for Rehabilitation named after Likhodei (former sanatorium Rus) in the Moscow Region and an office building in Moscow, in his own name. The document says that in order to do this Klinzevich initiated a large-scale inspection of the organization, gave a bribe of 3 million dollars to an influential official at the federal level for the redistribution of property, and, in addition, had planned the murder of the Chairman of the public organization Andrei Chepurnoy.

In response, the Senator found himself defamed and filed a lawsuit on protection of honor and dignity. His demands, although, were quite modest: Klinzevich only asked the court to order the defendant to withdraw the appeal from the State Duma, and assessed the moral damages only at one ruble.

The Dorogomilovsky Court considered action of OOOIVA as not an attempt to defame the Senator, but the desire to protect its own interests. In court, the representative of "Ivalidy voyny" outlined the chronology of the conflict between the Deputy and the “Afghans”. According to him, the first attempt to seize veterans’ property was made by Klinzevich in autumn of 2014 in Altai. Then, he sent a complaint about the misuse of funds which it receives from the state budget. So, over the past year OOOIVA was visited by the employees of criminal investigation department, fighters against economic criminality of MIA of the Western Administrative District of Moscow, the Dorogomilov interdistrict and Ruz city prosecutor's office, the Audit Chamber, Rospotrebnadzor, Federal Migration Service of the Moscow Region, the Commissioner for Human Rights in the region and the State Inspection for Small Vessels. All these inspections, according to the organization, were initiated by Klinzevich. At the same time, according to the defendants’ lawyers, the Senator publicly announced the imminent expropriation of the office and rehabilitation center from OOOIVA.

Allegations of bribery and impending murder of Andrei Chepurnoy, as stated by the organization’s defense, are also based on Franz Klintsevich’s statements which he made at the meetings with the management of the organization. "Thus, the plaintiff demands to recognize false and derogatory the information spread by himself", summed up the representative of the defendants in the court. The Dorogomilovo District Court of Moscow has agreed with these arguments.

According to Kommersant, the Senator’s lawyer Alexei Schepukhin, did not agree with the decision of the court and intends to appeal.

This is the second lawsuit to OOOIVA that Klinzevich lost. Previously, the organization "Invalidy voyny" sued Franz Klinzevich because he has not paid for the stay in the Center of rehabilitation therapy for soldiers-internationalists named after M.A. Likhodey (Rus) owned by the organization.. According to the nursing home staff, Klinzevich checked in the presidential suite with a certain Irina Limaeva and later promised to provide a doctor's recommendation, which would allow him to rest and not to pay for a course of rehabilitation. The Ruza Court ordered him to pay OOOIVA about 300 thousand rubles for the Christmas holidays he spent in their nursing home. Then the Senator also did not agree with the decision of the court and stated that would appeal against it.



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