Raiders who tried to seize Inskoy mine possibly involved in disappearance of Koksovaya-2 pit head  

Raiders who tried to seize Inskoy mine possibly involved in disappearance of Koksovaya-2 pit head
Сoal oligarch Aleksandr Shchukin

Alexander Bastrykin is asked to take personal charge of the case of Evgeny Lazarevich’s disappearance.

Resident of the Kemerovo region Anna Lazarevich has asked Chairman of the ICR Alexander Bastrykin to take personal charge of the 2016’s case of her brother’s disappearance; Evgeny Lazarevich was a bankruptcy supervisor of the Koksovaya-2 pit. This is reported by Kommersant. According to the Kemerovo region local, Lazarevich was kidnapped during an attempted illegal seizure of the hole, in which persons charged with the unlawful seizure of the Inskoy mine JSC – two Vice-Governors of the Kemerovo region, ex-Head of the regional directorate of the ICR, and a local coal oligarch – might be involved.

Evgeny Lazarevich went missing on December 12, 2016. He took his Ford Explorer to go from Prokopyevsk to Novokuznetsk for a business meeting. The businessman never came home. A few days later, his car was discovered in Novokuznetsk. Its license plate was removed, and the interior was dry-cleaned and filled with red pepper. 


Vice-governors Aleksandr Danilchenko and Aleksey Ivanov arrested as part of the criminal case

The Investigation Department of the Kemerovo ICR Directorate in Prokopyevsk initiated a criminal case of murder into the disappearance of Lazarevich (part 1 of Art. 105 of the Russian Criminal Code). Later, the case was referred to the First Department for the Major Crimes Unit of the Directorate. However, as of today, there are no defendants in the case, despite the fact that, according to the materials received by Anna Lazarevich, 13 inspections of the scene and about 50 searches have been held, and 100 witnesses have been questioned. The complainant believes that the investigation has failed to check all the leads and take all the measures for searching the criminals.

In her complaint, Anna Lazarevich notes that her brother has been receiving threats and demands to resign as bankruptcy supervisor of the Koksovaya-2 pit since 2013. He believed that the malefactors’ aim was uncontrolled coal mining during the bankruptcy of the mining enterprise. The supervisor told his sister that the officials, law enforcers, and criminal underworld representatives, who demanded that he leave his post, made it clear that they were acting in the interests of the local coal oligarch Aleksandr Shchukin. 

When Lazarevich refused to resign, the local police initiated a criminal case of illegal entrepreneurship (part 2 of Art. 171 of the Russian Criminal Code) against him. In January 2014, he was hospitalized and had two abdominal surgeries. January 24, the police arrived at the hospital and took him to another institution in the ambulance, ignoring the doctors' prohibition to transport the patient. On the way there, he was once against asked to give in his notice and issue a power of attorney to entitle a third party to hold an extraordinary meeting of the mine creditors. The businessman refused again, as a result of which he ended up in the Prokopyevsk temporary containment cell, despite the fact that the article on illegal entrepreneurship does not provide for detention. 

Attempts by the mine manager to prosecute extortionists were not successful. His opponents succeeded in removing him from the management of the enterprise. Shortly before this, Lazarevich managed to obtain the receipt of a new mine by the liquidator of the mine for mining on preferential terms. Shchukinm who got rid of the manager took advantage of this. The company, controlled by the oligarch, got the right to develop a new mine. In the spring of 2016, the criminal case against Lazarevich was terminated. 

In April 2016, an investigation into the attempted illegal seizure of Inskoy mine began. As part of this case, Aleksandr Shchukin, Head of the ICR regional directorate Sergey Kalinkin, Acting Head of the First Deputy Governor of the region Aleksandr Danilchenko, and Vice-Governor Aleksey Ivanov, were arrested. According to the investigation, the defendants in the criminal case initiated the prosecution of owner of a 51% mine stake, Anton Tsygankov, to take his share. 

Lazarevich drew attention to the similarity of his story with the circumstances of the criminal case of the Inskoy seizure. He decided to seek criminal prosecution of his opponents. In particular, he agreed that the case against him had been initiated with the knowledge or participation of Sergey Kalinkin. Almost immediately after that, Lazarevich went missing.


Former Head of the ICR Directorate in Kemerovo, Sergey Kalinkin 

In her complaint, Anna Lazarevich notes that the investigation failed to use all opportunities in searching for criminals in her brother’s disappearance case. In particular, the defendants in the criminal trial of Inskoy mine – Aleksey Ivanov, who supervised the issue with the Koksovaya-2 mine, and former Head of the local ICR Directorate Sergey Kalinkin – were not questioned. Also, no tracking of the movements of her brother's iPhone was made on the day of the abduction, although Apple said it was ready to facilitate the investigation. The billing of the phones of people who drove Lazarevich's jeep to Novokuznetsk was not performed, even though they were on surveillance cameras; moreover, one of them was talking on the phone at that moment. The face of one of the men was visible on the record, but the composite facial image was not made, and he was not put on the wanted list. According to Anna Lazarevich, these shortcomings can be corrected only in the Central Directorate of the ICR, so she turned to Bastrykin.

The mother of the missing businessman, Tamara Lazarevich, also believes that only investigators independent of local officials can successfully investigate the case. She noted that the investigators are being replaced continuously in the case, yet nothing happens. The woman also confirmed that her son had received threats. “They told me they would put him in jail by framing him for the crimes he did not commit Moreover, they say, in the old days, people who fought for justice in the coal industry of the region had gone missing too,” Lazarevich said.



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