Raiders seizing yacht club in Moscow region 

Raiders seizing yacht club in Moscow region
Yacht club came in sight of an offshore company in the Bahamas

Mytishchi officials and law enforcement officers are in favor of an offshore company.

Offshore Company Mirola Limited tries to seize a lot on the shore of Klyazma reservoir, where budget-friendly yacht club Mayak (Lighthouse) is situated, Novaya Gazeta writes. According to the newspaper, the company illegally acquired the rights for the land on the basis of the document declared invalid by court.

Activists under the supervision of Chelomey set up Mayak club in the late 80s. Then students of Chelomey had to landscape wetland by their own forces. However, more than one generation of yachtsmen has been using their fruit of labor. At the moment the club has over 100 boats for a crew of 2-3 people. It is used for trainings of both yacht owners and students of several universities such as Moscow Polytechnic University, Moscow Engineering Physics Institute and Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.

Яхт-клуб «Маяк» был построен студентами и энтузиастами

Students and enthusiasts built Mayak yacht club

However, the place with such a prime location, the commercial potential of which is being wasted, niggled dealers, so they initiated the land grab. This seizure was preceded by a story that began in the early 90s. In 1993 the head of Mytishchi district leased the land to AOZT Ford for 49 years. However in 1998 NPO Mashinostroyeniya (rocket design bureau) – the successor of Chelomey’s Central Mechanical Engineering Design Bureau – addressed the court and the documents on the transfer of the territory to a private entity was declared invalid.

After 10 years AO Ford, having ignored the court's decision, illegally transferred the land not belonging to it to Yacht Club Presidentsky, which in its turn sold it to an offshore company Mirola Limited. Then mysterious changes happened in the maps of State Register – the territory of yacht club Mayak with registry number 50:12:0060211:25 mystifyingly moved to a potato field, and land on the shore got another number – 50:12:0060212:62. Mirola company is specified as its owner. It is noteworthy that the purpose of the site has also changed – now it is featured in settlement lands category.

Soon Mirola employees began to come to the territory of Mayak accompanied by police officers and demanded to clear their private property of yachts. Most of the club members refused to comply with their demands.

Территорию яхт-клуба пытаются захватить сотрудники офшорной компании «Мирола»

Mirola offshore company employees trying to seize the yacht club territory

However, in spite of obviously illegal claims of Mirola law enforcement agencies are in favor of the private entity. Director of boating base Mayak Igor Rey thinks that raider attacks initiators have a strong administrative resource. Rey suspects luxury yacht club Burevestnik, Mayak neighbors, of involvement in the criminal scheme. According to Igor Rey, Burevestnik group enjoys sufficient resources to carry out territory seizure. In addition, owner of Burevestnik Andrey Boyko and his partner Andrey Lomakin were defendants in the criminal case of boats smuggling in 2009, but the case was closed in 2012 due to decriminalization of the article of the Criminal Code. Boyko confirmed his interest in purchasing Mayak and said that he made a purchase proposal to its owners, but the deal never took place.

Local sailors claim that the case of Mayak is not the only one, and the number of seized objects may run into hundreds.

At the moment bonafide owners of Mayak filed a claim to law enforcement agencies to initiate swindling-related criminal proceedings.



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