Raiders on rampage in Russian shoe store chain, creditors left with nothing 

Raiders on rampage in Russian shoe store chain, creditors left with nothing
CentrObuv is Russia's largest shoe retailer. It has about 1,500 stores in 300 cities and its own distribution centers.

The results of the test purchases in the CentrObuv store proved that it is being stripped of its assets by the raiding group of Vladimir Palikhata and his loyal crew among the top management through a bogus company.

Previously the CrimeRussia reported that the notorious raider Vladimir Palikhata, assisted by a loyal crew of the CentrObuv’s top management, was trying to force the shoe retailer into bankruptcy by transferring the remaining assets to other affiliated companies. One of such companies was Fashion Shoes LLC registered to Svetlana Yang (currently Meshkevich), who provided legal assistance to prisoners.

Фэшншуз 1.jpg

Photo: information about Fashion Shoes LLC

Fashion Shoe is headed by a certain Viktor Girka, who previously had experience managing the TK-TNP LLC, which was owned back in the day by the notorious Plazia Consulting Ltd.

Фэшншуз 2.jpg

Фэшншуз - схема.jpg

Photo: Fashion Shoes LLC ownership scheme

A photo of a CentrObuv shop stand:

Вступление в должность.JPG

As a reminder, Plazia Consulting Ltd. is a Cyprus offshore company, which is practically the sole owner of the CentrO LLC.

Плация Консалтинг.jpg

Photo: CentrObuv ownership scheme

Upon visiting the CentrObuv shop on Kashirskoye highway (Moscow), a source of the CrimeRussia provided exclusive photographs that spoke for themselves. The store made an attempt to look as if it had been re-open: the CentrObuv sign at the entrance was covered with a multitude of balloons. The price tags with bar codes were updated on all the goods, but their package remained in the colors of the CentrO LLC.

Вход в магазин.JPG

Photo: balloons at the CentrObuv entrance


Photo: updated price tags

This test purchase and a check for it leave no room for speculation — the CentrObuv outlets now simply belong to another company.

Чек 1.jpg

Photo: check for a test purchase

As previously reported, Vladimir Palikhata had already made several attempts to withdraw assets of the CentrObuv group of companies (1.5 billion rubles, several hundred equipped outlets, trademarks, etc.). This time it looks like he succeeded.


The source of the CrimeRussia shared an exclusive piece of information about how Vladimir Palikhata managed the assets he had withdrawn from the company for personal use. A while ago, the businessman was seen in the famous resort of Courchevel, where he got into hot water. Members of the once powerful Izmaylovskaya criminal gang happened to be at the resort at the same time. Nobody knows what really happened, but during the showdown Palikhata had his jaw injured.

As far as our information goes, the director general of the CentrObuv holding company Leonid Venzhik was instructed by his friend Vladimir Palikhata to sign a number of agreements. Overnight the Fashion Shoes LLC became the tenant of a few premises and the owner of the leftover stock.

The next hearing on the case of CentrObuv’s bankruptcy is scheduled for March 29th. Prior to the introduction of monitoring procedures, the actions of the director general can be considered lawful under a single condition — the funds received from the sale of assets should be credited to settlement accounts of the company and included in the bankruptcy estate in order to satisfy the claims of the creditors, among which are a number of major Russian banks.

It is now a mystery how much money was left to answer the claims of the numerous lenders.

Before publishing this article, the CrimeRussia editorials staff asked Leonid Venzhik for comments. The latter categorically refused to comment on the subject, hence the article has been published in its original edition.



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