Raiders on KamAZ attempt to capture Frolovo Airfield near Perm 

Raiders on KamAZ attempt to capture Frolovo Airfield near Perm
One of KamAZ passengers was the Chairman of the Voluntary Association for Assistance to Army, Air Force and Navy (DOSAAF)

Following an attempt to capture the airfield, the director of the Perm airport aviation sports club has been removed from office.⁠

Raiders tried to seize the Frolovo Airfield near Perm. Employees of the Frolovo drop zone claim that on January 10, a KamAZ drove to the airfield, accompanied by a car of one of the security agencies. People in the truck (about 15 of them) tried to drive away the guard, seal the premises, and take control of the airfield, setting their own protection.

According to the director of DOSAAF Russia Aviation Sports Club Alexander Chernyshov, the attackers introduced themselves as the club’s management and the owners of the land, but did not show the documents. 


The illegal takeover was prevented by police of the Perm region. As reported later by, one of the KamAZ passengers was the chairman of DOSAAF Russia in Perm region together with his deputy, the head of legal and logistical support, and the chief accountant.

Following the attack, on January 11, DOSAAF informed of the decision to dismiss the director of the Perm Aviation Sports Club Alexander Chernyshev.

The decision was made by the founder of DOSAAF Russia Perm Aviation Sports Club and approved by the chairman of DOSAAF Russia Alexander Kolmakov. The reasons for Chernyshev’s dismissal were stated as failure to organize competence assessment for the managers and ignorance in "organizing the flights of state aviation."

Alexander Chernyshev told that he disagreed with this decision and intended to challenge it, noting that he was ready to provide documents proving the legitimacy of the flights.

According to Kommersant, the value of the club’s property equals tens of millions of rubles.

According to the drop zone workers, the attackers were primarily interested in the land of the airfield. "Ultimately, to eliminate the airfield and build cottages and things like that... in this spirit... an ordinary raider attack, to be sure!" reported, citing one of the representatives of the Frolovo drop zone in the social network.

The land of the Frolovo Airfield is at 1870780 square meters and is considered federal property leased by DOSAAF Russia Frolovo Aerodrome non-profit organization. In addition, the airport is a sensitive site, all access to it is prohibited for unauthorized persons.



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