Raiders of Gogolevsky Boulevard mansion awaiting trial

Raiders of Gogolevsky Boulevard mansion awaiting trial
The raiders tried to flee from justice to self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic (DPR)

Judge Irina Baranova continues to abscond.

The Moscow Prosecutor's Office approved the indictment and filed the case against businessmen Dmitry Lysakovsky and Piotr Chihun accused of an attempted raider attack, wrote Kommersant. To get away with the crime, they went to the Donbass, and then introduced themselves at the UN International Criminal Court as DPR’s envoys. The case file consists of 103 volumes.

The businessmen have been charged with Attempted Swindling on an especially large scale (Art. 30, part 4 of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code). According to investigators, a few years ago, the gang involving Lysakovsky and Chihun tried to misappropriate a part of an old mansion on Gogolevsky Boulevard. They created a range of false documents with wrong dates and then bribed Irina Baranova, the Moscow Arbitration Court’s presiding judge of the 5th judicial assembly. Having received €100.000, Baranova pressured another judge, her subordinate, to pass a verdict in favor of the raiders, Mikhail Balakirev and Mikhail Chernov. However, when the details of the scheme were revealed, Chernov and Balakirev were detained while Baranova managed to escape to the United States. She was charged in absentia and each impostor got seven years in prison.

However, even behind bars Chernov continued to lead the mansion takeover. His accomplices on the outside managed to get arrest warrants of the building and then sold their part to an offshore company for 7.5 million rubles. They got legal help from Dmitry Lysakovsky, Piotr Chihun, Evgeny Ryzhov and businessman with a number of convictions Georgy Pirumov. Yet, they still did not manage to get the building. Fearing persecution, Lysakovsky and Chihun fled to the Donbass, where, as they said, they took part in hostilities. Lysakovsky got a nom-de-guerre – ‘Goodwin’ and represented the DPR at the UN International Criminal Court.

Upon his return to Russia, Lysakovsky was arrested and then the rest of the criminals followed suit (except for Ryzhov who escaped abroad). Of all the defendants only Pirumov pleaded guilty and agreed to cooperate which reduced his prison sentence to a year and eight months. Given that he had already served a part of the term, soon he will be entitled to parole.



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