"Poklonskaya was pushed out, too". Judicial Department seizes health resort in Crimea a la ‘turbulent 1990s’ 

"Poklonskaya was pushed out, too". Judicial Department seizes health resort in Crimea a la ‘turbulent 1990s’
Natalia Poklonskaya, a Deputy of the State Duma, was among the raiders’ victims Photo: The CrimeRussia

The media haven’t noticed the raiding takeover of Parus (Sail) Health Resort in Crimea committed in the midst of the holiday season. Natalia Poklonskaya, a Deputy of the State Duma, was a witness and victim in this story – but she could do nothing: the new management company confidently holds its ground. The CrimeRussia performed its own inquest and found out that some Svetlana Nazarycheva, General Director of Parus (Sail) Management Company Limited Liability Company, and officers of notorious Crimea-based Dragovit Private Security Company were directly involved in this seizure, while Kerim Akuev, Head of the Administration of Justice Department of the Republic of Crimea, had supervised the operation.

What was yours became ours

In the midst of the holiday season, a group of armed men have seized Parus Health Resort located on Cape Ay-Todor in Gaspra township, not far from the Swallow's Nest, a la ‘the turbulent 1990s'. The resort built in a such a fascinating place is known as a deluxe recreation establishment.






Parus Health Resort

Interestingly, prosecutors and investigators from various regions of Russia were recreating at the resort seized by the Administration of Justice Department of the Republic of Crimea. After the reintegration of Crimea, Parus was a departmental health resort of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Crimea – but then the republican administration has suddenly decided to transfer it to the Justice Department. 

The Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Crimea had a contract with Parus Management Company to manage and maintain this property complex. In other words, all resort assets had belonged to Parus Management Company and the Prosecutor’s Office. However, the Justice Department opted not to wait for the legal documentation, decisions, and formalization of the respective property transfer papers. Instead, it retained a private security company – that reportedly was involved into numerous raiding takeovers under the Ukrainian rule – and forcibly evicted the management company that was legitimately administering the health resort. 

Vesti.Krym (New.Crimea) news portal obtained a video of the ‘invasion’.

According to witnesses, resort employees resisting the invaders were immobilized and thrown out of its territory. This happened in full view of numerous officers of the Prosecutor’s Office and Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation (ICR) vacationing there. According to Boris Bezrukov, founder of Parus Management Company Limited Liability Company, some unknown persons armed with batons and traumatic weapons have forcibly replaced security guards of the health resort and concurrently battered Security Chief Dmitry Voskoboinikov, a former special forces trooper, who had tried to call the police and prevent the breaking of the cash box and accounting department of the resort. Bezrukov was not allowed to enter the territory of Parus under duress. 

“The ‘occupants’ have broken out the cash box and accounting department in plain view of the relaxing prosecutors, loaded bookkeeping documents, computers, and other valuables on a truck, and taken those to an unknown location. Later, it became known that convicted criminal A.V. Gorbunov, a former Crimean lawyer, and Svetlana Nazarycheva currently investigated for swindling and arbitrariness were among the masterminds of this raiding takeover. The armed people in camouflage were officers of Dragovit Private Security Company known for its involvement in numerous illegal actions. The invaders have barricaded themselves in the seized offices,” – Boris Bezrukov said. 

According to him, the assault group included several natives of Dagestan “resembling Wahhabites by their beards and behavior”. 

“These people behaved as new owners of the health resort; they intimidated many employees, especially women. They told the personnel that Parus Health Resort belongs to them from now on,” – Bezrukov emphasized. He managed to enter the resort territory only a few days later and accompanied by officers of the Administration for the City of Yalta of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) of the Russian Federation. 

It must be noted that plenty of similar stories have occurred in Crimea in the last five years, and such property takeovers became pretty trivial. 

Annulled voucher of the ex-Prosecutor of Crimea

Natalia Poklonskaya, a Deputy of the State Duma and former Prosecutor of the Republic of Crimea, had arrived at Parus to spend there her vacation and tried to affect the situation – but in vain. According to our sources, private security guards forcibly pushed her out of the resort. 


Private security guards forcibly pushed Natalia Poklonskaya out of the resort

Shortly after the incident, Natalia Poklonskaya has commented on the events in Parus in an emotional interview. However, for some reason, it quickly disappeared from the website of Krym (Crimea) State TV and Radio Company – reportedly, after a call ‘from above’. Apparently, somebody is not interested in scaring off tourists who associate the South Cost of Crimea with the sea, sunshine, and scenic views – not with bandits’ squabbles involving judges and prosecutors. 

We have checked the website of Vesti.Krym: when you click on the heading “Poklonskaya speaks about the takeover of Parus Health Resort (first screenshot), another article entitled “Poklonskaya invites Donald Trump to Crimea” opens (second screenshot).

сайт Поклонская.png

сайт Трамп.png

Poklonskaya invited Donald Trump to Crimea after the seizure of the health resort?

However, journalists have promptly taken screenshots of her interview, thus, perpetuating it. Poklonskaya said: “We see a trivial raidership under the disguise of the Crimean court! I try to come to this resort with my family every year. Today, I arrived to check in – I have purchased vouchers for myself and my child via a tourism company. But the people illegally staying in the resort annulled the vouchers and said that they cannot accommodate us. The worst thing that this is done under the aegis of the Crimean court! I had seen plenty of raidership episodes and seizures. But today, the assets of Parus company are stolen by officers of a private security company and persons acting on behalf of the Administration of Justice Department of the Republic of Crimea”. 

The journalists are ready to present the screenshots of her interview to investigative bodies – but, apparently, nobody is interested in this, even though Natalia Poklonskaya is simultaneously a witness and victim in this episode. It seems that high-ranked local and Moscow officials are involved in the breathtaking occupation of Parus

Allegedly, the police had carried out procedural actions with the raiders, while the resort was guarded by the private security company involved in its seizure. Interestingly, its official website is still working – it advertises the resort and sells vouchers on behalf of the management company.

сайт санатория.png

Anybody can book a suite on the official website of Parus

On August 8, the equipment belonging to Parus Management Company was seized by a court order and delivered to the Justice Department for storage; Parus employees who had tried to remove the equipment are now facing prosecution. Some of these people were fired retroactively and criminally charged on this basis. The CrimeRussia obtained the new list of managers appointed by the raiders: Svetlana Nazarycheva, A.V. Gorbunov, and Andrei Slozhinsky. 

Parus is worth millions 

In that context, it must be emphasized that the Fund for Promotion of Entrepreneurship (FSRP) – the 100% founder of Parus Management Company Limited Liability Company – is the first investor into the Republic of Crimea and official participant and subject of the special economic zone of the Russian Federation – i.e. a subject of investment programs implemented in the region. 

FSRP was established in 2004 in Yekaterinburg; its General Director – above-mentioned Boris Bezrukov – departed to ‘colonize’ the peninsula immediately after the Crimean Spring. 

In June 2014, FSRP has established Parus Management Company in Gaspra and started investing funds into the health resort.

Parus Management Company has spent millions of rubles on the health resort of the same name and made it one of the leaders on the tourism market of Crimea. The list of improvements includes European-style renovations, plasma TV sets, a new car fleet, a swimming pool, restoration and enhancement of the park and beach zones, elevators delivering guests to the beach directly from the resort by tunnels cut through the mountain, a video surveillance system, and a new security system. Local journalists tried to clarify the situation in the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Crimea – but, according to their sources, nobody knows what is going on with a resident of the free economic zone. Andrei Rostenko, a former Mayor of Yalta and current advisor to Sergei Aksenov, Head and Prime Minister of the Republic of Crimea, has no idea of this, too (it must be noted that Rostenko was under investigation at some point). 

Mysterious general director Nazarycheva and notorious private security company 

It is known that Parus was seized by Variant KV Limited Liability Company and Dragovit Private Security Company. Variant KV was incorporated in Gaspra in July 2019 (i.e. in the midst of the raiding takeover of the health resort); it is a branch of Territoriya Gostepriimstva (Hospitality Territory) Limited Liability Company whose founder and director is Svetlana Nazarycheva mentioned by Boris Bezrukov.

The point is that, according to the above screenshot, some Elena Safonova is the General Director of Parus Management Company Limited Liability Company since July 9, 2019. However, based on other databases, this post is still held by Svetlana Nazarycheva.


Svetlana Nazarycheva (source: social networks) 

The incorporation date is the same – June 2014; the founder is the same – Fund for Promotion of Entrepreneurship (FSRP) Joint Stock Company; and its director is Boris Bezrukov recently driven out of Parus Health Resort.

Here is another important fact: Parus Management Company Limited Liability Company and Variant KV Limited Liability Company have the same legal address: 4 Alupkinskoe highway, Gaspra. 

It is hard to understand or explain such legal ‘tricks’. The CrimeRussia sources claim that Svetlana Nazarycheva is a former General Director of Parus Management Company Limited Liability and has nothing to do with it anymore. However, according to the Consolidated State Registry of Legal Entities, she still remains in charge of this management company. 

Her posts on social networks dated spring 2017 clearly demonstrate that Nazarycheva had a direct relationship to Parus Health Resort.

Назарычева ВКонтакте2.png

Svetlana Nazarycheva advertises Parus Health Resort

Назарычева Фейсбук.png

Parus Health Resort is mentioned on the Facebook page of Nazarycheva

The CrimeRussia may neither confirm nor refute the cited above statements of Boris Bezrukov that Svetlana Nazarycheva “is investigated for swindling and arbitrariness” – no information on this matter is available. Reportedly, Svetlana Nazarycheva (nee Kudryashova) is a native of Yekaterinburg and currently resides in Yalta. As said above, Boris Bezrukov had departed to Yalta from Yekaterinburg in spring 2014. Therefore, it is possible to assume that, initially, they had acted together as fellow townsmen and partners (a mutual sympathy cannot be ruled out as well) – but then broke up due for whatever reason, and somebody ‘bought over’ general director Nazarycheva... 

Nezygar’ (@russica2) Telegram channel describes other top managers of the health resort as follows: lawyer A.V. Gorbunov has served a prison term for swindling, while Andrei Slozhinsky, owner of Dragovit Private Security Company, has a criminal record and was released last winter. In other words, Dragovit officers were directly involved in the raiding takeover of Parus Health Resort – and now Andrei Slozhinsky, the founder of this private security company (in the past, its name was Vityaz’-Servis (Knight-Service) Limited Liability Company), holds a supreme position in the new management company.

Interestingly, this private security company is on the ‘black list of employers’; its reviews on professional forums are very negative.

Almighty Akuev 

According to our sources, Kerim Akuev, Head of the Administration of Justice Department of the Republic of Crimea, had directly supervised the takeover of Parus Health Resort. They say, being a state counselor of justice I class, Akuev often assumes functions of the federal government or a ‘boss in uniform’.


Kerim Akuev, the ‘judicial boss’ of Crimea

At some point, the supreme judge of Crimea was nearly caught in siphoning off funds from Yevpatoriya-based Femida (Themis) Federal State Budgetary Institution belonging to the Administration of Justice Department of the Republic of Crimea. This federal state budgetary institution was established in December 2014 as per order of Kerim Akuev.

In winter 2017, the health resort personnel started complaining about months-long nonpayment of salaries and disappearances of resort’s assets. In the past, Femida had belonged to the State Judicial Administration of Ukraine and was considered a deluxe health resort. Under the rule of Akuev, it was literally pillaged – and then the supreme judge decided to get rid of the unneeded ballast. Being a skilled legal expert, Kerim Gadzhikurbanovich addressed the Tax Inspectorate for the Republic of Crimea of the Federal Tax Service on behalf the Administration of Justice Department asking to annul the allegedly illegitimate registration of the federal state budgetary institution. According to the statement of claim, “this legal entity (health resort) was established contrary to the federal legislation. Federal state budgetary institutions are established by decrees of the Government of the Russian Federation. The Government of the Russian Federation had never issued such a decree”.

Initially, the Tax Inspectorate for the Republic of Crimea had declined this claim – but in July 2017, Akuev managed to annul the health resort registration through court action. After all, he is the Head of the Administration of Justice Department.

Interestingly, individual entrepreneur Denis Zhirko, Head of Femida Federal State Budgetary Institution, officially operates in Moscow, and his Individual Taxpayer Identification Number was received there. But in reality, the scope of his business operations encompasses Crimea, too.

Other assets of Denis Zhirko include YugMoreAkvaKul’tura Limited Liability Company incorporated in Chernomorskoe township and Nevsky Prospect Condominium Association incorporated in Simferopol. 

Femida employees, who were, in fact, thrown out on the street, started submitting complaints to the ICR and Prosecutor’s Office about salary arrears, financial machinations, and pillaging of the health resort resulting in its collapse – and, concurrently, in enrichment of dollar millionaire Kerim Akuev. Femida Health Resort currently operates in the ‘economy regime’; it does not belong to the Justice Department anymore. 

According to some sources, 27 complaints against Kerim Akuev have already been submitted to the law enforcement structures – but no answer was received yet. The complainants are now going to address the Federal Security Service (FSB) of the Russian Federation. 

The legitimate owners of Parus Health Resort now have to sue the Justice Department of Crimea in the Crimean court. It is easy to foresee that Crimean Themis, in the person of Akuev, most likely supports the stance of Akuev in this legal dispute. According to sources, he claims in private conversations that his actions were authorized by supreme figures in Moscow, while “Poklonskaya is going to pay dearly for meddling in matters that don't concern her”. Of course, decisions of the Crimean court may be appealed in the Supreme Court and other higher judicial instances – but this is a totally different story. 

It is obvious that Crimea is currently not a safe direction for investments. Criminals are thriving in the free economic zone. A health resort located in the most popular coastal zone was cynically seized in broad daylight, which means that the much-hyped investment attractiveness and investment protection in Crimea are just empty words. People now ask Sergei Aksenov, Head and Prime Minister of the Republic, whether the raiding takeover of Parus Health Resort should be considered the attraction of investments into the tourism industry or something else?



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