‘Parking King’ Alexander Kupchin in the wind

‘Parking King’ Alexander Kupchin in the wind
Alexander Kupchin

Currently, the businessman is hiding from law enforcement agencies abroad.⁠

Moscow businessman Alexander Kupchin, who grabbed hold of about 300 parking lots in Moscow and the suburbs, went on the run. As a source familiar with the situation told The CrimeRussia, he is currently hiding from law enforcement agencies abroad.

A number of firms, the ultimate owner of which is Kupchin, used force methods to seize parking lots and hike rent. The raider captures were accompanied by incinerated cars and threats to the owners of parking spaces. In particular, such cases were registered in Kovrov Lane, Khodynsky Boulevard, Vernadsky Avenue and Podvoysky Street.

The story began to develop in the public spotlight since February 2012, when managing company Translogistic set a monthly price for garage maintenance to residents of Nizhegorodskaya and Novorogozhskaya Streets, Rogozhsky Val and Kovrov alley at 6,500 rubles ($108.3) instead of 3800 ($63.3). There was no justification provided for the price increase. Only in April 2017 the Investigative Committee appointed a check on the facts published in the media. To replace some of the management companies came others, which eventually turned out to be affiliated with Alexander Kupchin.

As The CrimeRussia has already reported, Kupchin is closely connected with the state unitary enterprise Directorate of Garage Construction (DGS), to whom control over all parking lots in Moscow was handed over in 2012. It was after this that the 'occupation' of parking lots by dozens of companies of the 'garage raider' began. Moreover, the cases filed did not get under way, because one of the largest companies of Kupchin - MEK LLC employed a retired Colonel of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, settling issues with law enforcement agencies.

Earlier it was said that Zhilexpert LLC, controlled by 'garage raider' Kupchin, might assume control of about 200 apartment buildings in Khimki, the Moscow region. Tsenturion LLC, also owned by Kupchin, already manages over 20 high-rise buildings. The CrimeRussia managed to find out that in spring 2017 the Deputy Head of the city district of Khimki became Kaygorodov Dmitry Alexeevich – previously working with Kupchin's ventures, he used to manage the companies Tsenturion, Temir Trans Group and Zhilexpert.



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