Organizer of illegal seizure of Vodoley Gallery declared wanted

Organizer of illegal seizure of Vodoley Gallery declared wanted
Vodoley Gallery

His accomplice, former FSB officer, is already being tried in Volgograd on several counts of fraud.

As Kommersant reports, a German citizen, businessman Gleb Privalov, whom the investigation considers one of the organizers of a raider attack attempt on the large Moscow shopping center Vodoley Gallery, has been declared wanted.

He is the first suspect in the case of an attempt of raider attack on Vodoley Gallery on Orekhovsky Boulevard. In addition, according to investigation, he is also responsible for the seizure of a shopping center, owned by the famous film producer Yury Glotser's family.

The representatives of the ICR Main Investigations Directorate of the Moscow MIA believe that in 2016, the accused and his accomplices developed an elaborate scheme to illegally obtain ownership of the shopping center estimated at 30 million dollars.

According to investigation, in the period up to March 16, 2016, Privalov forged a power of attorney, supposedly granted by Director General of Yugra Ltd LLC, the owner of Vodoley Gallery. It entitled him to dispose of Yugra Ltd LLC's property. Then, fake sales contracts, guarantees, and a fictitious cash receipt voucher were drawn up. According to all of the fake documents, September 5, 2014, Privalov legally sold part of Vodoley to lawyer Konstantin Skrypnik, who allegedly transferred a deposit in the amount of 2.8 million dollars (165.6 million rubles) to Yugra Ltd. According to the documents, former FSB Captain Andrey Chumanov was a guarantor of the transaction; it was specified in a separate item in the contract, that all disputes arising between the parties would be settled in Gudermes city court in Chechnya.

As it turned out later, this was necessary for the second part of the operation to seize the Moscow shopping center. In May 2016 in Gudermes, Skrypnik and Chumanov filed claims against the owners of Vodoley for failure to fulfill the conditions of the transaction and demanded a penalty of 34.2 million dollars (2 billion rubles). Initially, the court seized the Moscow shopping center under the claim of Privalov and Chumanov, however, the fraudsters failed to gain full control over Vodoley Gallery. A criminal case under Attempted Swindling (part 3 of Art. 30 and part 4 of Art. 159 of the Russian Criminal Code) was initiated on Yury Glotser's application, followed by Gleb Privalov being declared wanted.

Earlier, retired FSB Captain Andrey Chumanov was detained in Chechnya. In mid-January 2017, he appeared before the Volgograd Garrison Court on charges of several counts of fraud committed by him in 2006-2007.



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