Old friend of Palikhata headed company which absorbed Centrobuv

Old friend of Palikhata headed company which absorbed Centrobuv
Vladimir Palikhata and Kirsan Ilyumzhinov

Former president of Kalmykia Kirsan Ilyumzhinov headed LLC Fashionshoes.

Another unexpected twist in the case of raider seizure of the shoe holding Centrobuv. As an informed source told the CrimeRussia, on October 19 working team of LLC Fashionshoes, created based on the made bankrupt shoe holding acquired new owner for the company. It was quite famous and honorable person - the former president of Kalmykia and entrepreneur Kirsan Ilyumzhinov.

Ilyumzhinov is a bright and ambiguous figure. In 1997, he became known in Russia after telling a story of being kidnapped by aliens. He also told that he continued to communicate with them mentally.

However, other aspects of his activities are not so funny. According to media, during his 17-year board the drug traffic in the republic reached unprecedented proportions. For example, the republic’s narcopolice revealed 153 crimes connected with trafficking drugs, psychotropic and strong substances only in 9 months of 2006. According to Paritet-media Ilyumzhinov was familiar with this problem - in 1988 he was expelled from the fifth year of the MGIMO for the use and distribution of drugs.

It is remarkable that Ilyumzhinov is an old acquaintance and partner of the famous Russian businessman, head of concern of Rosenergomash - Vladimir Palikhata. According to Palikhata, he has known the former president of Kalmykia for more than 15 years, however they have never had joint business projects. In 2009 head of Kalmykia Ilyumzhinov and the head of concern signed an agreement on rendering charitable help. Once, Palikhata's company Rosenergomash conducted negotiations with the football holding Uralan, belonging to Ilyumzhi nov, on construction of the electric equipment plant Elista Energomash in Kalmykia. Shortly the head of Rosenergomash came to a conclusion that it was economically inexpedient to build the entity in the region, therefore it was built in Kharkov.

Besides, old acquaintances also share passion to the most intellectual sport – to chess. Both players are eminent persons in various organizations: Ilyumzhinov heads the World Chess Federation since 1995, and Palikhata is a president of Chess Federation of Moscow since 2012. They can often be seen together on the events connected with this sport.

Владимир Палихата и Кирсан Илюмжинов

Photo:  Vladimir Palikhata and Kirsan Ilyumzhinov

As the CrimeRussia wrote earlier, the collapse of Centrobuv holding happened with the assistance of two former shareholders of the network: Andrey Nesterov and Dmitry Svetlov, who asked businessman Vladimir Palikhata, who was known as a professional raider, for the help. Palikhata came under the guise of an investor, who promised 4 billion rubles on "improvement" of Centrobuv. Then he started to withdraw funds of the company to his accounts. Palikhata put a person close to him on position of the company’s CEO - Leonid Venzhik who pursued policy of the company in profitable to the patron way. All assets of holding passed to specially created legal entity – LLC Fashionshoes, an owner of all assets of Centrobuv, which was doing business under a brand of the made bankrupt holding.

The former shareholder of the holding Sergey Lomakin was named responsible for bankruptcy of the shoe company. At the moment, he is put on the federal wanted list on suspicion of embezzlement of the credit taken from bank.

Vladimir Palikhata was often mentioned in a row of known scandals connected with raider captures. Media connect it with the internal conflict of Univermag-Moskva; seizure of entities of mechanical engineering of Ukraine; seizure of the Moscow Institute for designing plants of basic chemical industry, which later was headed by brother of Vladimir Palikhata Ivan; raider occupation of the Ulyanovsk plant Kontaktor and editorial office of Novoye Vremya at the Pushkin Square in Moscow, the organization of raider occupation of OJSC Scientific Research Institute of Elastomeric Materials and Products and etc.  

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