Missing former FSB officer, accused of raider attacks, was involved in takeover of gallery Vodoley

Missing former FSB officer, accused of raider attacks, was involved in takeover of gallery Vodoley
Gallery Vodoley mall in Moscow

Raiders are trying to take away a shopping center in Moscow from the Producer George Glotser with the help of Gudermes Court. A codefendant in the court is an ex-FSB officer who was previously brought to account in relation with raider attacks in Volgograd and was placed on the wanted list.

On an attempt to illegal takeover the shopping mall Gallery Vodoley in Moscow a criminal case was initiated. The shopping center area of ​​16 thousand sq. m. belongs to the family of the bank BFG-capital co-owner and a film producer Yury Glotser. Previously, structures of Igor Rotenberg, Skorobogatko, and Alexander Ponomarenko were considering to purchase Vodoley. The transaction did not take place. Now, some people are trying to seize the mall on fictitious documents by a raider attack. The case was initiated in the Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow SAD under Art. 30 and Part 4 of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code (Attempt to Swindling on a essentially large scale).

In September 2014, the scammers have prepared a sale contract for a fictitious contract of guarantee and the power of attorney on behalf of the CEO of Yurga Ltd. LLC (the building owner) Elena Samotaeva. According to the agreement, the mall had to sell a part of the premises worth 165.6 million rubles (about $ 4.5 million at the time) to the lawyer Konstantin Skrypnyk, reported  Kommersant. The attackers, according to the materials of the investigation, had even forged the receipt of credit warrant for allegedly making a deposit from the buyer. In the same contract, there is a separate paragraph, which states that all disputes arising between the parties must somehow be addressed in Chechnya Gudermes City Court.

No registration activities under the contract were initiated by Yurga Ltd, so Skrypnyk, in May 2016, brought a court action in Gudermes for recovering $ 9 million from Yurga Ltd. At the same time, as reported by Rosbalt, all participants of the trial are registered and live in Moscow or abroad. The controversial commercial premises are also located in Moscow. It turned out that one of the codefendants – Andrew Chumanov – appeared to be registered in the Chechen Republic. What is Chumanov’s relation to Yurga is unknown. In the lawsuit he is called a guarantor under the contract concluded between Yurga and Skrypnyk. Another defendant is Glotser’s former son-in-law, a German citizen Gleb Privalov.

Earlier, Chumanov has been involved in a number of criminal cases in the Volgograd Region, and, according to the last mentions in the media, he was gone missing, then he was put on the federal wanted list and was hiding in Chechnya.

Andrei Chumanov is the ex-captain of the Russian FSB for the Volgograd Region. According to the Volgograd IA Height 102, he left the service in the security agency in 2007 after a series of scandals. With regard to Chumanov an investigation for fraud in a large scale was initiated. He was suspected of raider attacks on a known Volgograd restaurateur Alexei Torubarov. In order to avoid responsibility for his actions, Chumanov was of hiding for a long time, having provided fake medical certificates. As a result, against him a criminal case was initiated under Art. 337 of the Criminal Code (Unauthorized Abandonment of a Military Unit or a Place of Military Service). Later, a charge on Part 4 of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code (Swindling) was added to the case. Chumanov was held in the detention center for a while, but then was released. And by the time of the court hearing in October 2012, his common-law wife said that Andrei Chumanov had gone missing.

In 2013, his accomplice, the former Deputy of the Volgograd City Duma Yevgeny Glazkov was sentenced to 2.5 years of a general regime colony. And Chumanov himself was placed on the wanted list. Nothing more is known about him. And then he pops up in a new case of raider attacks. Moreover, as writes Rosbalt, in the Gudermes Court, he did not conceal his connection with the plaintiff's lawyers and "gave instructions to the judge." Chumanov actually took the side of the plaintiffs, being a codefendant.

The Gudremes Court may have been selected as the platform for all disputes not by chance. Skrypnyk filed a lawsuit on May 16, 2016. The judge Tamakov tried in every way to delay the moment of Glotser’s notification about the case. But at a preliminary meeting, which took place without the participation of the main lawyer of the defendant, the judge seized the Glotser family’s private property. The lawyer of the defendant was allowed to familiarize with the case materials immediately before the hearing. Previously, he was unable to do so because the materials allegedly were in the safe, the keys to which were taken away by the assistant. In total plaintiffs presented their claims to the defendants in the amount of about $ 30 million.

The investigation currently qualifies attackers’s steps as "preparatory actions aimed at illegal transfer of the property belonging to LLC Yurga Ltd.  in favor of third parties."



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