High-ranked judge appeared in case of Gogolevsky Boulevard mansion’s forcible takeover

High-ranked judge appeared in case of Gogolevsky Boulevard mansion’s forcible takeover
Investigators found records of Ryzhov and Velikanov’s negotiations Photo: Legal.report

Investigators found a recording of conversation between lawyer-raider Ryzhov and judge Valery Velikanov.⁠

The senior judge, Deputy Chairman of the Vladimir Regional Court Valery Velikanov, became a defendant in the sensational case over the attempted forcible takeover of the mansion located next to the temple of Christ the Savior in Moscow, according to Legal.Report. Investigators found recorded talks with Velikanov in the deposit box of the lawyer Evgeny Ryzhov, a member of the raiders’ group.

Ryzhov and Velikanov were friends for many years: for example, their wives shared travel photos. According to investigators, the judge repeatedly patronized the lawyer in his fraudulent schemes. In particular, during the period from 2011 to 2014, the lawyer was engaged in weaning housing from socially disadvantaged citizens in the Nizhny Novgorod region. He provided such tenants with micro-loans, then forged documents changing the amount of the loan on a much larger, and took from the apartment as a payment of the debt, often exerting physical influence. Judge Velikanov gave some court decisions in favor of Ryzhov.

During the investigation of fraudulent schemes, it was found that false documents, which were demanded by investigators, were afforded to the court. However, Chairman of the court Velikanov refused to transfer it, claiming that they were lost. Later, these ‘lost’ documents were found in the Ryzhov’s deposit box, in which record of negotiations were kept.

In addition to records of conversations, investigators found SMS correspondence between accomplices. They discussed a gift from the lawyer, who donated a new printer to the court. The judge demanded to pick a gift from the courthouse "under the video camera", because the clerk, who took it, had problems.

According to investigators, at the moment, lawyer Ryzhov is hiding in the United States, at the same place as the other person involved - Chairman of the Moscow City Arbitration Court 5th unit Irina Baranova, who received bribe in the amount of 100 thousand euros and 4000 dollars for the adjudication in favor of raiders. Ryzhov is involved in 27 criminal cases.

His accomplices are twice convicted Mikhail Chernov, and lawyers Dmitry Lysakovsky and previously convicted Petr Chihun, ambassadors of self-proclaimed DNR at the International Criminal Court at the United Nations.

Another person involved in the case is Georgy Pirumov; he has already jailed for 1 year 8 months. The court commuted the punishment due to the fact that he made a deal with the investigation, told the details of the fraud and testified on his accomplices.



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