Ex-State Duma Deputy Denis Voronenkov to be tried posthumously

Ex-State Duma Deputy Denis Voronenkov to be tried posthumously
Denis Voronenkov

Relatives of Voronenkov, shot to death in March 2017 in Kiev, have been charged with illegal seizure. The ICR had offered them to terminate the case on non-exculpatory grounds, but the family of the deceased MP had refused.

The main investigative actions in the criminal case against late ex-State Duma Deputy Denis Voronenkov have been completed. The final conviction has been delivered to his lawyers and family.

Deputy’s lawyer Andrey Grivtsov told Kommersant that the ICR representatives have granted a copy of the final charges under part 4 of Art. 159 (Swindling) and Art. 170.1 of the Russian Criminal Code (Falsifying the Comprehensive State Register of Legal Entities) to Denis Voronenkov’s relatives. His former wife and a son have also received such copies. It is not known whether the same copy has been submitted to Maria Maksakova, who is currently in Ukraine. 

According to the investigation, in 2011, the deputy arranged an illegal seizure of a two-storey building near the Garden Ring in Moscow, owned by businessman Otari Kobakhidze. According to the owner, his real estate on 38 Mezhdunarodnaya Street was seized by a group of persons with the participation of director general of the LLC he had established – Toma LLC – Marina Vladimirskaya. 

The investigation found that taking advantage of Kobakhidze’s departure, Vladimirskaya, retired MIA Colonel Vyacheslav Polozkov, FSB Colonel Andrey Murzikov, and FSB Lieutenant Colonel Sergey Shishakov, as well as Deputy Voronenkov, decided to re-register the title of the building and sell it at a low price without delay.

Denis Voronenkov found a buyer – businessman Vitaly Kachur, who made a deal with the selling party to purchase the building of 1.5 thousand sq. m for $2 million, whereas Voronenkov had initially asked $5 million. The latter had received a total of $1.3 million from Kachur before Kobakhidze managed to regain the building through the courts, and the criminal scheme was exposed. The participants of the illegal transaction were convicted; Vitaly Kachur received the longest sentence – 4 years and 2 months’ ordinary imprisonment. The parliamentary immunity of Denis Voronenkov prevented him from being held accountable.

When the term of his deputyship expired, he went to Kiev, Ukraine together with his wife, also ex-Deputy of the State Duma Maria Maksakova-Igenbergs. March 23, he was shot dead in the center of the city. The Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine is confident that it was Maksakova ex-common-law husband – Russian thief in law Vladimir Tyurin aka Tyurik – who ordered the hit. However, during interrogation by the ICR, which is also investigating into the murder of ex-deputy, Tyurin vehemently denied his involvement in the crime.

Following the assassination of Voronenkov, the Investigative Committee offered his relatives to terminate the case on non-exculpatory grounds, but they refused, intending to prove Voronenkov’s innocence in court. In particular, his widow Maria Maksakova had previously expressed her commitment to seek trial in absentia.



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