Court confirmed legality of seizure of assets of Swiss figurant of ToAZ case Andreas Tsivi

Court confirmed legality of seizure of assets of Swiss figurant of ToAZ case Andreas Tsivi

Within the confines of the investigation in the case on theft of billions of dollars from one of partners of the Togliattiazot, a stake in the Tomet company was arrested.

The Moscow City Court confirmed legality of arrest of a stake of Swiss Andreas Tsivi in ​​the equity capital of the Tomet company. Earlier, the Basmanny Court seized part of assets of the Triumph Development Limited company, which belongs to a figurant of multi-million theft case of the JSC Togliatti. According to Kommersant, the investigation estimated assets of Andreas Tsivi at about 2 billion rubles. The judge ruled out that the foreigner can not dispose of the asset, and the Federal Tax Service is forbidden to make changes on it in the Unified State Register. Arrest in the LLC Tomet was necessary “to ensure compensation for damage caused by the crime."

The court appealed to the Main Investigations Directorate of the Investigative Committee within the framework of a criminal investigation of theft in the ToAZ. The investigation is carried out under Part 4 of Art 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Fraud on a large scale). In addition to Tsivi, defendants in the case are owner of the ToAZ Vladimir Makhlai, his son and Chairman of the Board of Directors Sergei Makhlai, CEO of the company Evgeny Korolev and partner of the company Beat Ruprecht (Head of the Nitrochem Distribution AG).

According to investigators, methanol production units were expropriated from the factory with the participation of Korolev. Later, they were at disposal of firms controlled by Andreas Tsivi. The total damage is estimated at 97 billion rubles. Representative of the Tometa Sergei Nikolaev insisted that the share of the company did not belong to Andreas Tsivi, as he was not a beneficiary of the Triumph Development Limited, and representatives of the company did not participate in the hearing on the arrest of the asset at the Basmanny Court .

The Togliattiazot is one of the largest enterprises in the chemical industry in Russia. The company was recognized as the industry leader in the country and abroad. It is ranked among 200 largest companies in the country. Vladimir Makhlai has been managinig the plant since 1985. Investigators had questions on operations at the plant made since the late 90s. However, the first open attempts of raid attacks on the ToAZ has been made since 2005. First criminal cases against the company’s management were initiated then. The owners decided to leave Russia, and continued to manage the plant remotely. Unsuccessful attempts to take away plant from Makhlai occurred repeatedly. But all criminal cases initiated against the owners of the ToAZ lawyers consider as attempts of raider attacks on the enterprise. So, the Uralkhim, which had bought 10% of shares, immediately announced about sale of the plant products through Swiss partners at lower price. Figurants do not recognize their guilt. All the charges are brought without the defendants’ presence in the court.



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