Case of Tambovskie OCG to be remitted to court without 6 defendants 

Case of Tambovskie OCG to be remitted to court without 6 defendants
Vladimir Barsukov-Kumarin

The statutes of limitations for the criminal prosecution of all case defendants apart from the alleged OCG organizers Vladimir Barsukov and Vyacheslav Drokov have long expired.

The St. Petersburg City Court has remitted the criminal case of Tambov crime community – whose leader, according to the ICR, is influential businessman Vladimir Barsukov (Kumarin) – to the Kuybyshevo District Court, which had refused to consider this case due to violations in October. 

According to Kommersant, the prosecutor’s office has appealed the decision of the Kuybyshevo District Court and it has been overturned. The supervisory authority called the judicial decision to return the case “unlawful and unreasonable” and demanded that the case of Tambovskie OCG be referred for a new examination.

To recall, in mid-October, the alleged leader of Tambovskie, known as the ‘night deputy of St. Petersburg’, had been brought from the Moscow pre-trial detention center Matrosskaya Tishina to St. Petersburg for the first time in 10 years. However, the Kuybyshevo District Court, which was to review the case of Tambovskie, found violations in the indictment. In particular, according to the court, the location of the crime community creation (Barsukov’s most severe charge) was not mentioned.

It should be reminded that Vladimir Barsukov and Vyacheslav Drokov had been charged with Art. 210 (Creation of a Criminal Community) and Art. 159 (Swindling) of the Russian Criminal Code. Six OCC members have remained in the case apart from them.

Vyacheslav Drokov

Vyacheslav Drokov

According to the investigation, in 2005–2006, the defendants committed 11 illegal seizures and attempts at seizure of local enterprises in St. Petersburg, including St. Peterburg hotel, Konditerskaya Fabrika imeni Krupskoy CSJC (Krupskaya Confectionary Factory), Igristye Vina CJSC, and Petersburg Oil Terminal. The investigation estimated the property subjected to illegal seizure at over $100 million. 

According to the criminal case, there was a standard seizure scheme. After selecting the facility, the perpetrators forged the constituent documents and introduced changes to the Uniform State Register of Legal Entities through the tax inspection. To cover the tracks after a chain of fictitious sales transactions, the seized facility would be sold.

Meanwhile, as noted by Kommersant, the statutes of limitations for the criminal prosecution of all six defendants in the case (apart from two alleged leaders Vladimir Barsukov and Vyacheslav Drokov) have expired. However, according to lawyer Inna Gorodinskaya, the ICR refuses to terminate the criminal prosecution.

As a result, the City Court of St. Petersburg referred the case back to the Kuybyshevo District Court for a repeated examination, but with a different panel of judges. They may grant a decree on the termination of cases to the six defendants, the statutes of limitations for the criminal prosecution of whom have expired.



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