Case about illegal seizures by Tambov OCG referred back to St. Petersburg court

Case about illegal seizures by Tambov OCG referred back to St. Petersburg court
Vladimir Barsukov-Kumarin

A month ago, in an appeal statement, the Prosecutor General’s Office pointed out that the court had been artificially protracting the terms of proceedings. The statute of limitations for the crimes committed by the alleged leaders of an OCG is 15 years, and therefore they can evade responsibility in 2020.

On Friday, the Kuybyshevo District Court of St. Petersburg re-registered a criminal case of fraudulent misappropriation of real estate objects by alleged leader of the Tambov OCG Vladimir Barsukov-Kumarin and eight of his accomplices.

As reported by RIA Novosti citing the joint press service of St. Petersburg city courts, the criminal case of Tambovskie has been re-registered against Vladimir Barsukov, Vyacheslav Drokov, Pavel Tsyganok, Oleg Kumishche, Dmitry Malyshev, Dmitry Morin, Anatoly Frolov, Konstantin Semkin, and Andrey Spivak, charged under part 2 of Art. 210 (Organization of Criminal Community), part 3 of Art. 30, part 4 of Art. 159 (Attempt at Swindling), and part 4 of Art. 159 (Swindling) of the Russian Criminal Code.

The investigation believes that the crime group has participated in illegal seizures of a number of real estate items located in St. Petersburg and owned by Universam Pulkovsky LLC, St. Petersburg Oil Terminal, Konditerskaya Fabrika imeni Krupskoy CSJC (‘Krupskaya Confectionary Factory’), and other companies. According to the criminal case, the OCG members would forge the constituent documents, register shares in their authorized capital in the name of fictitious participants, and illegally introduce changes to the Uniform State Register of Legal Entities.

Earlier, the court referred the case back to the prosecutor general due to the fact the location where the crime community had been established was not specified in the indictment. However, the prosecutor’s office appealed the court decision and secured the referral of the case for new consideration.

The date of consideration of the criminal case has not yet been appointed, the courts press service says.

Meanwhile, as previously reported by Kommersant, the statutes of limitations for the criminal prosecution of the remaining defendants in the case (apart from two alleged leaders Vladimir Barsukov and Vyacheslav Drokov) had expired. Therefore, the publication does not rule out that the Kuybyshevo District Court with a different composition of the jury may issue a resolution on the termination of criminal cases in respect of the seven defendants.



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