Video: skirmish during raider seizure of parking 

Video: skirmish during raider seizure of parking
The bandits broke windows and tried to break down the office door

Director of the company Mig-Servis Igor Seryi, who explained the attack as an attempt to "reclaim his territory”, is called the organizer of the raider attack on GSK Bibirevo, Moscow.

In the north-east of Moscow unknown persons attempted to commit raider seizure of parking, belonging to garage-building complex Bibirevo (GSK). The incident occurred the night before. By 22:30, 4 minibuses arrived to the parking of GSK Bibirevo on Pleshcheeva Street. There were about 10 people running near minibuses. REN TV reports referring to the parking guard that there were about 30 in from minibuses. According to the source, the people were dressed in camouflage clothing, body armor and weapons. Unknown persons tried to break down the door and burst into the office of GSK, the guard said. According to him, the bandits opened fire, broke cameras and threw smoke bombs. The security called the police, soon police officers arrived at the scene of the incident and detained participants of the conflict. The exact number of detainees is not currently reported. The police reported on one affected.


With police squads ambulances arrived

Meanwhile, the channel REN TV named the organizer of the raider seizure - general director of Mig-Servis Igor Seryi. According to his version, GSK Bibirevo "was illegally taken over in 2012”. Seryi's company was trying to return the parking lot in the court, but legal methods have not worked. The general director of Mig-Service said in comments to journalists the incident that occurred the night before is merely "an attempt to claim ownership rights over his territory." In addition, Igor Seryi argues that the security of GSK opened fire on his men as soon as they entered the parking area. As a result, one of the "representatives" of the MiG-Service was shot in the neck.

At the moment, the police find out the circumstances of the incident.

Video: Skirmish near Bibirevo, Moscow



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