Arbitrariness with raiding shade. Officers of Russia showed their power 

Arbitrariness with raiding shade. Officers of Russia showed their power

Organized fighting force, with signs of illegal formation, under the guise of Officers of Russia is engaged in power captures of business and foreign territories. Such is the main idea of the address of group of entrepreneurs to the Prosecutor General of Russia Yury Chaika.

Social activists under cover

The organization which became widely known after unauthorized closing of a scandalous photo exhibition of Jock Sturges will become defendant in the claim over arbitrariness and power annexation of territory of garage construction co-operative (GCC) near Vykhino metro station in Moscow. Besides it, the Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization Center of Prevention of Offences and Crimes is also among defendants.

According to materials of the complaint, which was examined by Izvestia, in July 2016, a large group of members of the Officers of Russia, dressed in camouflage, by force took entrance on the territory of a garage complex in the region Vykhino−Zhulebino of the South-Eastern Administrative Okrug of Moscow.

Under the pretext of fight against illegal production in insanitary conditions and the subsequent sale of potentially dangerous products (the leader of the organization Anton Tsvetkov so explained motives of the aggressors) Officers of Russia were blocking the GCC territory for two weeks, having caused material damage to lessees of the garages by their actions.

Claimants estimated the amount of damage at 1 million 125 thousand rubles. Now they are demanding this sum by court from the social activists who appropriated powers of the official power.

The owner of garages near the Vykhino station Yury Zakaznov who leases them to flower venders, announced that the organization's members blocked the entrance and the passage to the territory of GCC, claiming to act in the interests of the government of Moscow.

“All fighters had certificates of members of Officers of Russia and video cameras and the head of department of the Center of Prevention of Offenses Sergey Gusev drove the black car with the same sign. They insolently kicked out our tenants and did not allow them to get their flowers for four days, until chamomiles and roses died away,” - Zakaznov told.

Activists of Officers of Russia, according to Zakaznov, controlled actions of the police, made a search of passers-by, wrongly interfered in the economic activities of other persons and these all have all the signs of raiding.

“These facts allow to assume that under cover of the Officers of Russia it is created an organized group, which has all signs of illegal forming, which under the guise of assistance to law enforcement agencies is engaged in forceful seizure of territory and other people's business,” - businessmen wrote to the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Yury Chaika.

According to entrepreneur Zakaznov, law enforcement agencies did not do anything to stop lawlessness, though lessees and owners of garages had been calling the police daily. The police refused to initiate a case over the GCC’s capture.

The Prosecutor's Office, nevertheless, insists on initiation of legal proceedings, and conducts an inspection.


The Head of the Officers of Russia Anton Tsvetkov explained actions of the organization by the allegedly fact, that organized criminal groupings are controlling the GCC and produce there a large number of dangerous salads, fish and fish products which then under the guise of a house pickles are traded by pensioners at the subway.

Meanwhile, the information was not confirmed after the capture. No administrative or criminal proceedings were initiated against the tenants, who had moved out after the round-the-clock blocking of garages by the Officers of Russia within two weeks.

The capture of the “General's house”

Legal proceeding on illegal actions of the Officers of Russia – will not be the first. Earlier in the claim of residents of the “general’s house" on 5th Kotelnichesky Lane, the Supreme Court supported claimants and acknowledged that "the all-house property as a result of coordination was actually disposed from property of residents and appeared in Tsvetkov's property".

Rooms in the center of Moscow on Taganka, where the Head of the Officers of Russia Anton Tsvetkov lives and where is an office of the organization, became object of last legal proceeding. According to residents of the house, for quite a short time Tsvetkov appropriated all-house rooms.

“He came in red Ferrari without top, in red boots and yellow trousers, four huge security guards were running after him”, - residents told.

According to the materials of the claim, firstly Tsvetkov lodged in the house in 5th Kotelnichesky Lane, having purchased at first a five-room apartment, then one more − six-room, which became on office of the organization, then purchased a room which he leased under a shop, then purchased two-room flat.


Photo: The house No. 12 in 5th Kotelnichesky Lane

According to residents, in a front door Tsvetkov suited a warehouse, concreted garbage disposal in the entrance, after what the head of the Officers of Russia attached adjacent rooms of a common property of the house to his rooms. As a result of illegal capture of the general territory, the area of the apartment of non-residential fund purchased by Tsvetkov grew from 73,9 sq.m to 119 sq.m. Then the apartment was sold to the head of the Tomsk branch of the Officers of Russia. Subsequently the organization fenced off a part of the yard with a playground.

Meanwhile, according to the court order, the Head of the Officers of Russia provided forgery documents to the State Housing Inspectorate of Moscow, after what disputed rooms were annexed to the ownership of Tsvetkov.

The proceedings lasted more than 8 years, now the court decision has not been executed for several months - executive production is in Department of the Federal Bailiffs Service in Moscow, public council of which includes Anton Tsvetkov.

Residents of the house appealed to law enforcement agencies with the request to give a legal assessment of the Tsvetkov’s actions and all those involved in the renewal of documents on the public areas of officials, who were considered guilty of forgery, fraud and arbitrariness.

Demonstration of force


The Officers of Russia - numerous and complex structure members of which are the former and acting military. According to Anton Tsvetkov, the organization includes more than 100 thousand people, the majority of whom − officers and members of their families, and also "patriotic citizens who share the goals and tasks of the organization”.

According to the Statute, principles of the Officers of Russia - "patriotism and honor, law-abidingness and justice", while the work purposes – “protection of the rights of officers and members of their families, prevention of offenses and patriotic education of the population”.

However, both cases, described above, characterize the Officers of Russia as a powerful organization, which declares assistance to state agencies as its purpose, but which at the same time does not hesitate to apply illegal power methods for achievement of the purposes at the suggestion of the leader.

The Head of the organization Anton Tsvetkov has never served in the army. Being a manager by education and candidate of political sciences, Tsvetkov, besides activities in the Officers of Russia, is a chairman of Commission on public safety and interaction with Public monitoring commission of Public chamber of the Russian Federation.

Tsvetkov heads presidium from 70 acting and former officers of the Russian army in ranks from Lieutenant to General.

Among members of the organization’s presidium there are actors, journalists, athletes, human rights activists, deputies of the State Duma and members of the Federation Council from all parties provided in parliament.

general-aleksandr-mihajlov-o-popravkah-yarovoj-my-ved-sami-vykladyvaem-tuda-svoyu-lichnuyu-zhizn-a-kto-to-dazhe-obedy-i-uzhiny (1).jpg

Photo: the Lieutenant General Aleksander Mikhaylov

The central executive committee of the Officers of Russia is headed by lieutenant general of the police and the Federal Security Service in resignation Aleksander Mikhaylov. Among heads of the organization - honored officers, Heroes of the Soviet Union and Russia.

The public organization, according to Tsvetkov, are conducting events mostly by the principle of volunteering. There is also Charitable Council, which includes the socially responsible businessmen, in the Officers of Russia.

In addition, since 2011 the Officers of Russia got three presidential grants in the amount of 14 million rubles. In 2013 and 2014 National Charitable Fund of Russia allocated to social activists 5,5 million rubles for Svoikh Ne Brosayem project on rendering the free legal and public assistance to the military personnel, employees and veterans of security agencies. In 2016 the Ministry of Labour of the Russian Federation allocated 12 million rubles as a subsidy to the Officers of Russia.

To recall, Officers of Russia became widely known relatively recently, after closing of the scandalous exhibition Without Confusion of the photographer Jock Sterdzhes in the Center of brothers Lumiere.



Activists of the Officers of Russia led by Anton Tsvetkov, working in the same tactics, as during the blocking of the GCC in Vykhino−Zhulebino, blocked to visitors access to the hall of the exhibition center, explaining their actions by signs of a child pornography in the photographer's pictures.



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