16 injured in shootout during illegal seizure of Sechin's ex-wife-related health resort 

16 injured in shootout during illegal seizure of Sechin's ex-wife-related health resort
At the gate of the health resort Photo: Kashira-Novosti Telegram channel

According to sources, 6 out of 16 victims of the corporate conflict in the Kashirskie Rodnichki health resort are in severe condition, but the police do not confirm the shootout.

There has been a shootout in the Moscow region's Kashira, namely in the health resort Kashirskie Rodnichki, related to the Rosneft head’s ex-wife Marina Sechina, RBC reports citing participants in the corporate conflict and a source in the health system.

As Executive Director of Kashirskie Rodnichki Tatyana Romanova told the publication, 70 people infiltrated the territory "with the support of employees of the Rus private security company led by the former director of the resort Guzeev"; then they opened fire on the security staff of the health resort.

According to Romanova, victims of the attack by unknown persons include not only the resort guards, but also holidaymakers. The director said that the attackers shot her as well, but she managed to escape.

The Kashirskie Rodnichki manager called these actions "an attempt of illegal seizure under the leadership of Yury Vladimirovich Shulgin and his partner Eldar Khuseynovich Osmanov."

According to SPARK (Professional Market and Company Analysis System), the health resort Kashirskie Rodnichki is owned by 5 companies, including EPM Holding LLC, RKB-Energiya LLC, Roskommunenergo JSC, PK ASEP LLC, and Consortium Energopromfinans LLC. The co-owner of the latter, according to the SPARK database, is the former wife of Head of Rosneft Igor Sechin, Marina Sechina. 


Seeking commentary from a source in Marina Sechina's circle, RBC learned that "about 50 persons of a new private security company and a number of unidentified persons" were brought to the resort's building. After the resort guards returned, there was a skirmish. It resulted in 16 people getting injured, six of them in severe condition, the source reported.

A source in the health care system has also confirmed to RBC the hospitalization of two people with gunshot wounds as a result of shooting in the health resort territory, however the surgeon on duty at the Kashira Central District Hospital has refused to name the exact number of victims and comment on their condition.

The press-service of the MIA Main Directorate in the Moscow region told RBC that it has not received any information about the shootout.

Meanwhile, according to SPARK, Tatyana Romanova, who reported the illegal seizure attempt to RBC, is the resort's former acting director general. According to documents, Yury Shulgin and Eldar Osmanov, whom she mentioned, are the co-owners of RKB-Energiya LLC and representatives of the managing company Roskommunenergo JSC.



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