$150.000 bribe case against judge hiding in US goes to court

$150.000 bribe case against judge hiding in US goes to court
Irina Baranova

Judge Irina Baranova has been hiding in the US for several years now.

The Investigative Committee’s Main Investigations Department for Moscow City has brought the final indictment against entrepreneur Mikhail Chernov: he is charged with giving $150.000 bribe to the former judge of the Moscow City Commercial Court, Irina Baranova, sources in law enforcement agencies told Legal.Report. Chernov is charged under part 5 of Art. 291 of the Criminal Code (from 8 to 15 years of imprisonment).

This episode is combined with the criminal case about the second attempt of raider capture of the mansion near the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, which the Koptevsky Court of Moscow returned to the investigation to eliminate the shortcomings. Now the errors indicated by the court are corrected.

As of now, Chernov has been tried twice – for forgery and use of the Prosecutor's Office investigator’s certificate and the first episode of fraud with the mansion on the Gogol Boulevard, for which Baranova was bribed. It is to be recalled that the judge herself did not pass a decision on this lawsuit; it was passed by her colleague Yulia Bespalova (Kukharenko), whom she influenced. The negotiations between Chernov and Baranova deciphered by the media, in particular, show how the judge loves money. Having found out the shortage due to the exchange rate difference in the amount transferred to her in Euros, the judge informed the interlocutor that "the fiver is missing [$5000 - Ed.]".

Baranova has been hiding in the US for several years now. On May 22, the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation issued a warrant for her arrest in absentia. If the court recognises Chernov's guilt in giving her bribes, this almost automatically means a guilty verdict for the ex-judge in the future.

As L.R previously reported, the details of the transfer of the bribe to Baranova were disclosed to the investigators by businessman Georgy Pirumov, one of the participants of the raider group. As a result of the plea bargain, in September 2016, he was sentenced to 1 year 8 months of the colony, and in February this year he was released. The fate of the remaining raiders will be decided considering Pirumov‘s testimony.



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