Whose law enforcement ‘cover’ is better? Stavropol entrepreneurs divide business of slain Head of Rosneft

Aleksander Chernukhin, ex-Head of Rosneft Stavropol’e, left behind a massive and secretive business empire. He was killed over assets and bank accounts with large amounts of money nominally belonging to third parties. Four years after the murder of Chernukhin, the inheritors still continue dividing his legacy and sometimes lay hands on assets he had never owned officially. After exchanging threats, the conflicting parties decided to gain support of law enforcement structures. Read

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Maximum punishment must be applied
10 29.4
It's too little. The sentence should be more taught
8 23.5
Yes, it is a fair sentence
5 14.7
They should be forgiven, they are talented
5 14.7
The term they have already served in a pre-trial center is enough
4 11.8
There was nothing to punish them for
2 5.9

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