He plays a role of a flak-catcher
60 67
He will replace Putin on the post of President again
13 15
He has done an excellent job as the PM before
10 11
Russian people like him
5 6
He knows what is right for Russia
1 1
General marginalization of the population amid deteriorating of socio-economic and political situation in the country
12 29
Propaganda of violence in the media
9 22
Influence of the West (similar incidents in the US schools)
8 20
Influence of the criminal subculture (AUE)
7 17
Low professional level of law enforcement
5 12
It is Putin’s purges of staff
9 41
The detention was lawful - he is a corrupt official
6 27
This is demonstration of the fight with corruption
4 18
It is struggle between power structures; he was got in wrong
3 14
Yes, the US sanctions can lead Russia to a default
856 39.6
Yes, incompetence of Russia’s leadership will lead the country to a default
699 32.4
Yes, corruption and thievery will lead Russia to a default
589 27.3
No, budget funds accumulated by the state will allow to deal with financial difficulties
6 0.3
No, Russia’s leadership will not let this happen
5 0.2
No, it will not happen due to high oil prices
4 0.2
I am not satisfied at all; the election is a fraud
55 45
I am satisfied with it; the election was carried in accordance with the law
45 37
I am not satisfied with the results: violations took place, but it did not influence the results
10 8
I am not satisfied with the results: it is not fair
7 6
I am satisfied with it; it’s not important how my candidate got his votes
5 4
Corruptionists are afraid to be revealed
It does not matter, as interested persons will provide information on luxury houses of officials to journalists
This will not influence anything, as everyone already knows how the "servants of the people" live
It was the right decision on protection personal data
It is good decision not to inflame social strife in society
I don’t think, that such draconian approach may justify good cause
11 42
I doubt it. It will hardly scare Russian corrupt officials
8 31
Yes, we should have lifted the moratorium on capital punishment long ago
5 19
Unlikely, corruption in China has never been eradicated
2 8
Pension money was spent on other purposes
69 66
A social gap in the number of the retired and the working people
14 13
To follow the European practice
9 9
Increase in the number of ‘early retirees’ (military, security forces)
5 5
People want to work longer
4 4
A huge number of people working in the ‘grey’ zone
3 3
Vladimir Putin
24 30
Ksenia Sobchak
23 28.75
I would not vote
13 16.25
I would ruin a bulletin
11 13.75
Pavel Grudinin
4 5
Sergei Baburin
2 2.5
Vladimir Zhirinovsky
2 2.5
Boris Titov
1 1.25
Maxim Suraikin
0 0
Grigory Yavlinsky
0 0
I rely on any possible means (complex passwords, VPNs, encrypted chats, two-factor authentication and other precautions
12 37.5
I am a law-abiding citizen and have nothing to hide
12 37.5
I just don't. No one is watching me anyway
4 12.5
I don't do anything since if the security services want to know something, they will find a way to do it
4 12.5
Partly. They fight only against «regular people»
4 100
Yes, their intentions are serious
0 0
No, they fight only in words
0 0