Tsapoks' agony

Kushchevskaya gang’s members are accused of a number of serious crimes, including 19 murders, robbery, rape and kidnapping. In particular, they had been charged with one of the most high-profile crimes of the past years - the mass murder of 12 persons on 5 November 2010 in farmer Ametov's house.

At that time, four children were among the bandits’ victims. According to investigators, Igor Chernykh murdered them.

In the dock with gang leader Sergei Tsapok is his uncle Nickolai Tsapok, andactive members of the crew as well: Vyacheslav Tsepovyaz, Igor Chernykh, Vladimir Alexeev, Vladimir Zaporozhets. Earlier, two gang members – Andrei Bykov and Vyacheslav Ryabtsev - were sentenced to 20 years in prison. They had pleaded guilty and reached a pre-trial agreement with the investigation. Also, for covering up the murders of 12 people, Sergei Tsepovyaz has been sentenced to a fine of 150 thousand rubles. Two other gang members - Sergey Karpenko and Vitaly Ivanov - committed suicide during a preliminary investigation.

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