The Platon system

The “Platon” system came into operation since November 15th, 2015 Фото: The “Platon” system came into operation since November 15th, 2015

The "Platon" Electronic Toll Collection system was introduced to facilitate and process the collection of toll charges offsetting the damage caused to Russian Federal Highways by vehicles exceeding 12 tons of gross vehicle weight. It came into operation on November 15th, 2015. The first days of the introduction of the system led to a malfunction of the shipping companies. The web-site is still from time to time overloaded and crashes. Also, the system often builds the routes incorrectly, excepting the non-federal roads from it. There are cases when the "Platon" wrote off the money for the same route more than once or wrote it off incorrectly. Long distance truckers are unhappy that this is, in fact, the third "transport tax" which was added to the excise tax on fuel and the official transport tax. The drivers repeatedly held protests to completely cancel the toll. The State Duma has established the toll concession period and reduced the relevant fines in the first months of operation. Funds collected by the system come not to the federal budget but directly on the Federal Road Agency’s road fund, from which then they are allocated to repair the roads. Businessmen Andrei Shipelov and Igor Rotenberg are behind the "Platon" system. They are acting on the basis of a concession agreement with the government. According to it, the state within 13 years will pay the concessionaires 10.6 billion rubles annually. The amount of planned revenues to the road fund is about 50 billion rubles.