Main customs officer and smuggling case

July 26 officers of the Internal Security Directorate of the Russian FSB and the Investigative Committee came up with searches to the Head of the Federal Customs Service Andrey Belyaninov. Firstly, in the office and then at home. In addition, the Head of the Federal Customs Service has been questioned as a witness.

Examinations were held in the framework of commenced case in late 2015 of Smuggling of alcoholic beverages (part 3 Art. 200.2 of the Criminal Code). It has brought charges to the Head of the Forum holding Dmitry Mihalchenko, his deputy Boris Korevskiy, the co-owner of the Logistik Kontreyl Northwest company Valery Kindzersky and the CEO of Southeast trading company Ilya Pichko.

It is assumed that Belyaninov was familiar with Mihalchenko and helped him with the customs clearance.