Chechen crime in Moscow

In March 2012, Moscow’s operatives conducted a special operation to capture a group of Chechen citizens in Vremena Goda shopping mall. Siloviky – Russian security and military strongmen – suspected members of the grouping in grave offence – kidnaping, extortion and rape abuse. The detained occurred to be the Ministry of Internal Affairs’ officers. In summer the same year, siloviky detained a gang of Chechen citizens at Kutuzov avenue. Criminals were moving about in cars filled with weapons. A leader of the grouping appeared to be a Chechen businessman and former president of a football club Zhemchuzhina (Perl) Adam Teramov, nicknamed Plohish (the Bad Boy).

According to the Crime Russia, Plohish and other Chechen citizens, detained in shopping mall Vremena Goda, are all members of on organization, which carried out criminal business under the pretense of a human rights organization Za Spravedlivost. In autumn 2013 in Togliatti, «jockstraps» from the organization, mentioned above, tried to capture territory of one of the local automobile dealerships. According to the latest update, the Chechen regiment renders in Moscow and the Russian regions  collectors’ services, using power methods.