Vyacheslav Varchuk

Former Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Internal Troops of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Vyacheslav Varchuk
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Vyacheslav Varchuk was born on February 11, 1963 in the Vinnitsa region of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic. He graduated from Yaroslavl Higher Military School of Finance in 1984, and then went to Russian Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation and finished it in 2007 with a degree in Finance and Credit.

Varchuk served in various positions in Russian Ministry of Defense before moving to MIA Chief Financial and Economic Department. He became chief of financial department of MIA Main Command of the Internal Troops on December 9, 2002. He was appointed Deputy Commander-in-Chief of MIA Internal Troops for financial and economic issues in 2010, and became Lieutenant General in 2011.

Varchuk was included into Forbes’ rating of "Russia's 20 richest security officials" in 2013. According to his declaration, the Lieutenant General earned 4.815 million rubles ($81,538) in 2012. His wife reported a 38.902-million-ruble income ($658,778) she got from unknown sources. It was then that reports came about the general’s 3-room apartment and a Lexus 570, and his wife’s holiday home, a plot of land and a 2009 Land Rover Discovery.

In 2015, Varchuk's personal income doubled: it was 9.1 million rubles ($154,000) he declared that year.  

Varchuk vacated office in April 2016 as the Internal Troops were being reformed and the National Guard was created. The general did not become part of the new institution "largely because of certain issues associated with his performance" stated Aleksandr Khinshtein, adviser to the director of Rosgvardia.

On March 5, 2017, Vyacheslav Varchuk was arrested for a 10-million-ruble kickback for assistance in raising funding for a department. General Varchuk, who was responsible for the distribution of financial flows in the MIA Internal Troops, tried to get the bribe through his deputy, Colonel Aleksandr Kostin.  Starting from late 2015, Kostin negotiated with officer Aleksandr Gostev a possible allocation of funds to the Office of Communications.  In return for the 10-million-ruble bribe, the suspect promised his colleagues 250 million rubles more in addition to the funds already received from the budget. Gostev, who was a witness in the case, would pass the bribe to Kostin in parts between December 2015 and February 2016. The colonel gave the money to his superiors, Varchuk among others. According to information available, Aleksandr Gostev was the one who gave the whole scheme away after he did not receive the additional funding for his department. The investigation does not rule out that the accused persons could act as a group of individuals whose identities have not been established yet. Varchuk and Kostin have been put in custody pending trial.