Dmitry Zakharchenko

Police Colonel.

Dmitry Zakharchenko

Dmitry Zakharchenko was born 1978 in the Rostov Region.

He finished school with a gold medal and graduated from 2 universities (the South Russian Administration University and Rostov State University) with 3 diplomas. Dmitry studied at Economics and Management Departments at the same time. Mr Zakharchenko later received a lawyer’s diploma, too. He is a doctor of philosophy in economics.

His first job in law enforcement was in tax police which he enrolled into in 2001. Dmitry moved to Moscow in 2005. There is no information available on his Moscow career development in open information sources. However, his 2015 yearly income amounted to 3.000.000 rubles.

Colonel Zakharchenko was arrested on September 8 by FSB officers. They later searched his apartment, car, and office. Law enforcers found an equivalent of rubles in different currencies in his sister’s apartment, breaking the record for the largest amount of money confiscated. Dmitry Zakharchenko was sentenced to 2 months in prison on September 10, 2016. He is accused of accepting a bribe (the article 290 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation), abuse of power (the article 285 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation), and justice obstruction (the article 294 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). He claimed he had nothing to do with almost 120.000.000$ and millions of rubles found in his sister’s apartment during the trial. Some of the money found had been illegally moved out from the Nota-bank Bank assets, according to media outlets. May we remind you, the bank had its license revoked in November, 2015.

Mr Zakharchenko assisted Mikhail Slobodin, the former Vimpelcom Telecommunication Company CEO, in absconding during the investigation, according to Interfax.