Adam Delimkhanov

State Duma deputy, member of mafia group Bratskiy Krug (Brothers' circle).

Adam Delimkhanov

Adam Delimkhanov was born on the 25th of September 1969 in village Benoy, Nozhai-Yurtovskiy Region of Chechen-Ingush Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic. 

Over the period from 1987 to 1989 Delimkhanov was engaged in compulsory military service in Soviet Union Army. Afterwards, from March to July 1990 he worked as a locksmith of the 3rd category at repairing and technical enterprise Argunskoye. Then Delimkhanov became a supply agent at enterprise Tesham and stayed on the position until 1991. In 1994 he graduated from L.N. Tolstoy Chechen-Ingush State University (nowadays it is called Chechen State University). Moreover, in late 1990’s Delimkhanov worked as a private driver of Salman Raduyev, who organized lots of terrorist attacks (including seizure of the hospital in Budennovsk in 1995, attack of Kizlyar with hostage taking in 1996, detonation of domestic buildings in Buynaksk, Moscow and Volgodonsk in 1999). Raduyev was arrested in spring 2000 and then died on the 14th of December 2002. 

Delimkhanov's participation in the first part of Chechen military campaign (1994-1996) was not mentioned in media, however, he acted as one of superiors of Akhmad Kadyrov security service during its second part (1999-2000). Starting from 2003 Akhmad’s son – Ramzan Kadyrov – was the head of presidential security service. By the way, Ramzan is Delimkhanov's cousin and they used to be friends from their early childhood. According to some information, Delimkhanov's younger brothers were also working at Akhmad Kadyrov’s security guard.

Separatists considered him as a betrayer because of his decision to move on to the side of Russian forces after Akhmad Kadyrov had done the same. Supposedly, this fact became the reason of an assassination attempt on him. In December 2001 the group of unknowns opened fire on the car in which was Delimkhanov. As a result, he got several bullet wounds and was transferred to the hospital. 

It is known that Delimkhanov has worked in internal affairs bodies since 2000. Until August 2003, he was firstly a trainee, then – employee and afterwards he became an assessing and planning inspector in the main office of the special police troop main office controlled by the Chechen Republic Ministry of Internal Affairs protecting governmental objects (security service of the head of Chechnia’a administration – Akhmad Kadyrov). During August and September 2003 Delimkhanov was the battalion chief of police extra-departmental guards under Gedermessk Municipal Department of Internal Affairs guidance. 

From September 2003 to July 2006 Delimkhanov headed the administrative department (amounted to 2 thousand people) of extra-departmental guards of Chechen Republic Ministry of Internal Affairs, so called ‘petroleum troop’, which protected oil fields and pipelines belonging to the subsidiary of oil company Rosneft - JSC Grozneftegaz - from illegal oil development. By the way, some experts claimed that the petroleum troop had only monopolized its right to illegally interfere into pipelines. Moreover, it was published that Delimkhanov personally transported to Ramzan Kadyrov money earned from illegal selling of oil-products. It is also known that the petroleum troop, which had formally been a police department, absolutely obeyed Kadyrov and sometimes was used during operations against militias. Delimkhanov was blamed that he withheld his employees’ salaries and embezzled the money. 

In 2004 Delimkhanov graduated from Makhachkala Institution of Finance and Law with a degree in law. In spring 2006 Ramzan Kadyrov filled in the position of Chechen Republic Prime Minister and on the 18th of July 2006 he appointed Delimkhanov to be the Vice Prime Minister. After that, some sources started calling Delimkhanov nothing short of Kadyrov Deputy and, in case of Ramzan’s death, successor, his right hand and his personal ‘executioner’. The appointment of a military man to such a position was treated negatively by the most of media; they presumed that Ramzan was gradually changing all the people in the civil circle of officials, that Akhmad Kadyrov had created, to others, who were similar to Ramzan in military way. 

From April of 2007 Delimkhanov was the fist deputy Chairman of Chechen Republic Government; power structures were under his control. He was elected in State Duma of the Russian Federation as a member of the list of federal candidates offered by Yedinaya Rossiya (United Russia) political party on the 2nd of December. Delimkhanov filled in the position of the deputy Chairman of Parliament Committee for Federation activities and Regional policy. On that position Delimkhanov was trying to pay more attention to major problems of postwar Chechnia, including working out a program of mines neutralization.

Delimkhanov was suspected in his complicity for scandalous crimes several times. In 2005 one of Chechnia separatists’ leaders Dokku Umarov blamed Delimkhanov’s subordinates from the petroleum troop in kidnapping and torture of his relatives as well as in kidnapping and killing of Minister of Ichkeria Givernment Abdul-Vakhaba Khusainov’s relatives. 

On the 18th of November 2006 ex-chief of battalion Gorets (Mountaineer) lieutenant colonel of Moldavian Federal Security Service Baisarov was killed in Moscow. Delimkhanov was said to manage the operation, some media even claimed that it was him who made the security shot from his personal pistol. Publishers called that situation a significant public carnage: the officer of Russian Federal Security Service, who had been supposed to be Ramzan Kadyrov’s personal enemy, was killed in the center of Moscow. Delimkhanov denied the fact of his belonging to organization of any special operations, however, during the investigation, prosecuting and functional checks were handled; and Chechnia ex-Vice Prime Minister Beslan Gantamirov even offered Delimkhanov to give his rewarding weapon for an expertise. 

On the 28th of March 2009 the life of ex-head of Chechen battalion Vostok (East) Sulim Yamadayev was attempted in Dubai. During the long time his status was unknown: from death reports to relatives’ evidences that he was alive. The police of Dubai claimed that Delimkhanov organized the assassination attempt. What is more, the name of Delimkhanov has already been announced in connection with murder of older brother of Sulim Yamadayev – Ruslan, who was shot in the beginning of autumn 2008 in the center of Moscow. Their younger brother Isa Yamadayev directly blamed Delimkhanov in organization of the murder. Delimkhanov told that the accusation was nothing than just provocation and declared that ‘it is amateurishly to carry out the investigation that is based only on gossips and conversations of relatives of the killed person’. Ramzan Kadyrov officially defended Delimkhanov. In September 2009 in his interview for newspaper Zavtra (Tomorrow) the President of Republic called Delimkhanov his ‘closest friend’ and the person who would be ready to replace him on the position of Chechen leader if needed. 

Nevertheless, on the 27th of April 2009 Interpol added seven Russians into the wanted list, one of whom was Delimkhanov. Red corner warrants were given because of UAE request, UAE suspected him in ‘crime against life and health’, in particular – in attempt on Sulim Yamadayev. Reporting this, media highlighted the fact that even when Interpol would find out location of the ‘wanted’ people, they would not be given to Interpol – the Russian Federation do not give its citizens, according to the Russian Constitution. When in 2009 Kadyrov was speaking about Delimkhanov in the role of his future successor, he reported: ‘He is at war in mountains now. Being a State Duma member, he is at war in mountains’. 

On the 23rd of October 2009 assassination on Kadyrov and Delimkhanov was thwarted: an automobile with explosive tried to get on the area of a memorial complex in Grozny, where Delimkhanov was waiting for the Chechen President, however, the driver was frustrated. 

Delimkhanov again ran for a seat in elections for the State Duma of the sixth convocation as a member of Yedinaya Rossiya (United Russia) from Chechnia Regional group and became one of four representatives of Chechnia in the lower chamber of parliament.

On the 23rd of January 2012 media, with reference to Russian special forces, reported that Dubai police recalled the warrant for Delimkhanov. It was noted that close connections between Chechnia and UAE might have influenced the situation, in particular – Kadyrov’s visit to Dubai, which took place in November 2011. On the 19th of July 2012 Chechnia representative in the Federation Council Ziyad Sabsabi said that Dubai Prosecutor General’s Office dropped charges against Delimkhanov and stopped investigation.

Delimkhanov has a lot of Russian rewards for service in battle, including the highest state award of Chechen Republic – Akhmad Kadyrov order. Delimkhanov was a member of Security, Defense and Public Order Academy (dissolved in the end of 2008).

In summer 2014 US government considered Delimkhanov to be a member of mafia group Bratskiy Krug (Relatives’ circle).