Zirinov’s gang members rendered verdict 

Zirinov’s gang members rendered verdict
Sergey Zirinov

The North Caucasus District Military Сourt put the lid on the high-profile case of Zirinov’s gang, an organized criminal group, headed by the former MP of the Krasnodar region. Members of OCG were sentenced to various terms of imprisonment for robbery and murder.

The North Caucasus District Military Court rendered a verdict on four OCG members, the total prison term on which is 69 years.

Defendants were charged with committing a number of grave crimes, the punishment for which is provided under part 1-3 of Article 209 (Banditry), part 2 of Art. 105 (Murder of more than two persons), part 3 of Art. 30, part 2 of Art. 105 (Attempted Murder) and part 3 of Art. 222 of the Criminal Code (Firearms Trafficking).

The organizer of a criminal group, the ex-Deputy of the Krasnodar Legislative Assembly Sergey Zirinov, sentenced to 22 years in a maximum security penal colony. Zirinov was found guilty on all 59 counts of the indictment.


Members of his gang were given various terms of imprisonment, depending on the OCG roles distribution. Karnik Aslanyan and Eduard Paladyan were sentenced to 16 years in prison, Anastas Tilgerov was sentenced to 15 years in prison.


The sensational case was considered by the jury. According to the case file, accused Sergey Zirinov and declared in an international wanted list and arrested in absentia Hambardzum Eyriyan created a criminal community in 1999 with intent to eliminate competitors in business.

Приговоры банде Зиринова

Earlier it was reported that in different periods OCG members were the former police officer Igor Nehaenko (also wanted), Karnik Aslanyan, Eduard Paladyan, Amar Suloev, Dmitry Sapozhnikov, Anastas Tilgerov and Andrey Miroshnikov.

The gang operated in the Krasnodar region until 2013, controlling a significant part of the business in Anapa. Over 14 years of its existence, bandits killed the general director of the Little Bay sanatorium Vitaly Sadovnichy and his wife Olga Ivankina, the businessman from Novorossiysk Salman Nabiyev and the driver of the Cossack Ataman Nikolay Nesterenko Viktor Zhuk. Nesterenko himself survived the attempted murder.

Earlier, two members of the organized crime group Miroschnik and Sapozhnikov signed an agreement on pre-trial cooperation, therefore they were sentenced to 13 and 16 years respectively. Another person involved in the case, the former world champion of mixed martial arts Amar Suloev, whom investigators suspected of involvement in the assassination of Nesterenko, died of cancer in June 2016. On September 13 the jury found not guilty on all charges another defendant - Evgeny Aleksandrovich. He was released from custody in the courtroom.



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